If you have been scouring the internet, looking for the best “Inception” quotes, you’ve come to the right place. “Inception” is a film by Christopher Nolan, director of “Batman Begins”, “The Dark Knight”, and “Memento.” With “Inception”, Nolan breaks down the wall between dream and reality with mind-blowing special effects and a story that will keep you guessing until the very end. The film’s strong cast includes Oscar winner Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen Page, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

  1. “Well, dreams, they feel real while we're in them, right? It's only when we wake up that we realize how things are actually strange. Let me ask you a question. You, you never really remember the beginning of a dream do you? You always wind up right in the middle of what's going on. So, how did we get here?” This quote is one that everyone watching this film can understand. At least once in your life, you have had a dream where, even though you may be having a conversation with a talking lion while you're naked at your girlfriend's mom's house, it all seems natural, until you wake up. In this scene, Leonardo DiCaprio's character, Cobb, gives Ellen Page's character, Ariadne, an orientation day speech on how dreams work. Ellen plays a character that “builds” dreams and is learning their basic structure.

  2. “Okay, this is me, planting an idea in your mind. I say: don't think about elephants. What are you thinking about?” In "Inception," a technology exists where people can travel through each other's dreams. Usually, Cobb and his team use this technology to steal information. Now, they must plant an idea in someone's mind, trying to make it seem like the person came up with it on their own. In this scene, as characters try to figure out how to plant the idea, Joseph Gordon-Levitt tries to explain how true inspiration cannot be faked, because "The dreamer can always remember the genesis of the idea." Kinda makes you wonder who planted the idea to drink that 5th tequila shot or date your best friend's ex in your mind, right? "Inception" has given us all the ultimate excuse for our bad behavior, "We've been incepted!"

  3. “She was possessed by an idea, this one, very simple idea that changed everything: that our world wasn't real. That she needed to wake up to come back to reality, that, in order to get back home, we had to kill ourselves.” This quote is chilling. Imagine how it would feel to look around you and realize everything you see may not be real, that you are alive in the wrong reality and the only way to wake up is to die. Could you take that chance? Cobb explains to Ariadne that this is what happened to his wife, and how he discovered that inception was possible.

  4. “I guess I thought the dream-space would be all about the visual, but it's more about the feeling. My question is what happens when you start messing with the physics of it.” This quote comes from Ariadne as she’s learning how to manipulate the infrastructure of dreams. Minutes after, computer generated effects literally fold a street in half. After asking this question, you can almost hear the gears in the minds of audience members as the endless possibilities of dream structures begin to unfold. Who wouldn't like to be able to control the landscape of their dreams? No more terrifying falls or embarrassing naked moments allowed--only beaches, booze, and hot babes would frame our minds.

  5. “What is the most resilient parasite? Bacteria? A virus? An intestinal worm? An idea. Resilient, highly contagious. Once an idea has taken hold of the brain, it's almost impossible to eradicate.” For a movie in which most of the story takes place in the mind, this quote seems to explain the underlying theme, the fact that an idea can be so powerful. One idea can drive a person to end their own life, or someone else's life. There are examples of this throughout history. Man has built pyramids, sailed oceans, created governments, and walked on the moon, all because of an idea. An idea - the most resilient parasite, indeed.