For men who enjoy watching movies about cheating spouses, there are plenty of Hollywood adultery movies for guys. Most of these movies show plenty of skin and some really rough sex scenes. Below are six must see adultery movies that feature some of Hollywood's biggest stars.

  1. "Fatal Attraction" Staring Michael Douglas and Glenn Close, this Hollywood adultery movie is a classic. Close plays psychotic Alexandria Forrest, who after having a fling with Dan Gallagher (Douglas) begins stalking him, eventually tormenting his family. 

  2. "Indecent Proposal" What would you do for a million bucks? David and Diana Murphy (Woody Harrelson and Demi Moore) decide that it would be worth being millionaires when they agree that Diane would sleep with billionaire John Gage (Robert Redford). As a result, their marriage crumbled and many guys were left wondering if they would let their wives sleep with someone else for a million smackers. Most, however, were left fantasizing about sleeping with Demi Moore for free.

  3. "Unfaithful" Starring Richard Gere and Diane Lane, "Unfaithful" has everything a guy would want in an adultery movie; a hot woman, naked breasts, and lots of sex.  Connie Summer (Lane) has an affair with a Frenchman behind her husband's (Gere) back as the quickie in the restaurant is a sex scene to remember.

  4. "Disclosure" Demi More and Michael Douglas make their second appearance on the top Hollywood adultery movies for guys in the 1994 thriller, "Disclosure." Tom Sanders (Douglas) and Meredith Johnson (Moore) start to rekindle an old affair, when Sanders, suddenly realizing he is married, pulls away, but not before tearing off Johnson's panties.

  5. "What Lies Beneath" This Hollywood adultery movie stars Michelle Pfeiffer and Harrison Ford, who play Claire and Dr. Norman Spencer. Claire was involved in a serious car accident that left gaps in her memory. Eventually, Claire comes to realize that right before her accident she caught her husband cheating on her with one of his students.  

  6. "Chloe" Probably the most bizarre movie on the adultery movie list, Chloe stars Liam Neeson, Julian Moore, and Amanda Seyfried. Seyfried plays Chloe, a prostitute who was hired by Catherine Stewart (Moore) to flirt with her husband, David (Neeson) in order to test him to see if he had been having an affair. However, before you can say Hollywood adultery movies for guys,  Chloe and Catherine are involved in a lesbian affair of their own. Bon appatit.