Many people are familiar with the popular Harlequin romance novels, but fewer are aware that a number of Harlequin romance movies were released over the years as well. In fact, the made for television movies based on Harlequin books and other romance book series, are frequently credited with giving rise to the popularity of women’s movie and television networks. What were a few of the best movies based on Harlequin romance novels?

  1. “Broken Lullaby” Mel Harris stars as Jordan Kirkland, a family historian, on a mission to solve a personal family mystery involving an orphaned aunt based on the Harlequin novel of the same title. As Harris seeks clues to her aunt’s past, she becomes involved with a host of unsavory characters and a womanizing love interest to-be.

  2. “Diamond Girl” In this 1998 Harlequin novel inspired movie, Joely Collins stars as the often overlooked secretary to her love interest Denny. Collins’ character, Claire, joins forces with Denny’s brother Regan in a ploy to create a love connection. Although predictable, the romantic connections do not go entirely as planned.

  3. “A Change of Place” Love, blackmail, and deception intertwine when college student Kim Jameson swaps places with her rehab center bound, twin sister Kate. Kim is met with an array of problems and issues as she steps into her troubled sister’s life. “A Change of Place”, released in 1994, stars 80’s heartthrob Rick Springfield as the love interest to Andrea Roth’s Kim/Kate Jameson characters.

  4. “Treacherous Beauties” The Harlequin romance novel turned movie thriller packs a well known, television and film cast, including Emma Samms, Bruce Greenwood, Catherine Oxenberg and Tippi Hedren. Action and romantic drama ensues as a photographer investigates her brother’s death at a horse farm.

  5. “The Waiting Game” Harlequin’s popular novel became a film in 1998, starring Paula Abdul, Chris Potter and Chandra West. West and Abdul star in this romantic thriller about two friends facing love, secrets and espionage after moving to New England.

  6. “Another Woman” Justine Bateman stars as Lisa Temple, a woman seeking to begin life again after an attack leaves her with no memory. Bateman’s character struggles to remember her past life—only to realize that the other life was not fitting for the woman she had become.

  7. “The Awakening”  When Sara, portrayed by Cynthia Geary, unknowingly takes in an antique thief as a boarder, her life takes a new direction. She finds herself in an adventurous search for the thief and romance as well.

  8. “Hard to Forget”  A murdered woman’s twin sister and a private investigator team up to solve the case.  The romantic thriller combines Tim Dutton and Polly Shannon in the plan to fool a killer and put memories to rest.

  9. “Loving Evangeline” A man seeks answers in his brother’s boating death and finds more than he bargained for at the marina. Nick Mancuso and Kelly Rowan star in this romantic Harlequin drama.

  10. “Recipe for Revenge” A caterer crosses paths with a powerful celebrity during a murder investigation.  Kim Huffman, Alex Carter and Corbin Bernsen star in this romantic thriller.