This list of Halllmark Hall of Fame movies is great to keep on hand when you feel like watching some feel good television. Hallmark Hall of Fame makes movies sponsored by, who else but Hallmark. Hallmark makes cards and ornaments for nearly all occasions. They sentiments are often sweet and touching, like the Hallmark Hall of Fame movies they sponsor. Hallmark Hall of Fame is celebrating its 60th year, so they must be doing something right with their television programming. Many of the Hallmark movies are based on true stories. Grab the tissues, a good friend and enjoy one of these movies today.

"Beyond the Blackboard" This Hallmark Hall of Fame movie released in 2011 is based on the true story of a young teacher whose first teaching job is in a homeless shelter. This is not the job or situation she anticipated when she decided to become a teacher, but she made the best of it and transformed the school in to a safe place for students to learn and grow. Emily VanCamp plays the teacher and Treat William and Timothy Busfield are school board officials.

"Lost Valentine" Betty White stars in this new Hallmark Hall of Fame movie, which was released in 2011. She plays the older version of a young, pregnant bride whose husband goes to war. Her husband is missing in action before their son is born. Each year the widow returns to the train station on Valentine's Day, the anniversary of their last day together. A reporter played by Jennifer Love Hewitt finds out the story and she investigates it further.

"Promise" In this 1986 Hallmark Hall of Fame television movie, James Garner plays the older brother to James Wood's character. When their parents die, the older brother returns home to keep a promise. He must watch over his younger brother who is schizophrenic. The movie was well received and is still popular today more than 25 years later. "Promise" won nearly every television movie award possible.

"Valley of the Light" Set in the 1940s after the end of World War II, this 2007 Hallmark Hall of Fame movie stars Chris Klein and Gretchen Mol. A young soldier returns home to North Carolina, but nothing is the same. His parents are dead and his brother is in prison. The family farm has been sold, so he has no home. He meets a widow and they become friends. She allows him to live in a fishing shack on her land. He has to decide where his life is headed and if it will inclue this new woman in his life.

"What the Deaf Man Heard" This 1997 movie has a clever plot that makes it unique from many other television movies. Matthew Modine plays the adult version of a young boy who travels to Georgia with his mother. The day they arrive, the mother disappears. The boy pretends he can't hear or speak. A couple take him in and he lives this lie for twenty years, fooling the entire town until something happens that could harm his new family and neighbors.