An adaptation of a Charles Dickens' novel requires equally adept wordplay as found in these "Great Expectations" quotes. A period piece can draw on the power of its place in time, but it still needs actions and words to give the environment the passion that guides the power. See the perspective of characters entangled in themselves and each other in our selected quotes.

"I'd seen through it. I elected to grow up." The character of Finn waxes poetic, as he believes he has chosen adulthood over the fantasy of his youth. He speaks it as almost a gentle battle cry, that he has won his newfound reality by defeating his emotions, especially the emotion of love. Who hasn't thought they could surpass heartbreak by shrugging it off and allowing time to bring them through the pain? "Great Expectations" knows both joy and sorrow and refuses to give preference to one.

"I'm not going to tell the story the way it happened. I'm going to tell it the way I remember it."  The utter truth of this "Great Expectations" line is one that should resound through all story telling. History is written through every pair of eyes and thus falls victim to the perspective and prejudice of each individual. This admittance of how the story will be told is jarring in every respect and yet gains the audience's confidence, as it becomes a shared bond between Finn and the viewers. "Great Expectations" is not just the story; the story telling also makes it a powerful drama.

"Nothing harder than being given your chance." You can fantasize for years about that one chance you wish you'd get for something, be it a job, a relationship, or an event. It is when that chance shows up that all the weight is squarely on your shoulders to succeed or fail and your fantasies fall away to be met with your action or inaction. Thus it is the living in the moment, not for the moment that speaks to the eloquence of this "Great Expectations" quote. Triumph or defeat, these are but secondary to whether you find the strength to act when your chance appears.

"Anything that might be special in me is you." That special moment where the mystery that you wish to solve has its solution in someone else, this is a beautiful line in "Great Expectations" that delivers a piercing statement about love. People submit their uniqueness to the greater power that they see in their better half. Nothing quite speaks of love like the ignoring of the other person's flaws in order to put them on a pedestal all their own.

"The night all of my dreams came true, and like all happy endings, it was a tragedy." A dark foreboding sentence that reminds everyone that often the fantasy doesn't meet the reality once it touches earth. Depressing as it might be, this line from "Great Expectations" serves as a reminder to be objective when looking towards our dreams for the sustenance we need to survive. Dreams can grow tangible but they begin ephemeral, so it is best to plant both feet before reaching out to grasp a dream so as to not fall farther than you can survive.

- Matthew Langenfeld