The many dynamic "Grease" characters that make up the popular musical are all endearing in their own ways. They may be flawed and in some ways stereotypical, but all of the principle "Grease" characters add to the charm of the musical set in the 50s. Here are some of the best known and best loved "Grease" characters:

Sandy Olsen:

Shy and naive, Sandy Olsen is an Australian student at Rydel school' target='_blank'>High School who enters the school year as the new girl. Despite her sweet demeanor and her modest style, she soon falls in with the school's girl gang, the Pink Ladies. Her wish to expand her horizons and become more than just the school goody-two-shoes drives much of the drama of the story. 

Danny Zuko:

The love interest of Sandy, Danny Zuko also wants to be more than his high school persona. As a greaser and member of the T-Birds, he has done little during high school other than fix cars, race and hang out with the rest of the gang. Falling in love with Sandy makes him strive to do more in order to win her over. Danny and Sandy are the most dynamic of the "Grease" characters because of their wish to expand their worlds in order to reach out to each other.

Betty Rizzo:

The bad girl of Rydell High, Betty Rizzo disdains rules and shy girls like Sandy. She is called Rizzo, or just Rizz, by her friends. She holds other "Grease" characters at bay with her sarcasm and rebellious nature. Her pregnancy scare creates one of the most dramatic story lines.


Though most of the principle "Grease" characters change their natures in some way, Frenchie is the only one who changes her vocation. She leaves high school in order to go to beauty school. Instead of beginning her career, however, she fails her courses and drops out of beauty school. She returns in "Grease 2" to finish high school.

Principal McGee:

Even as she attempts to befriend and guide her students, Principal McGee is generally shocked by them and their behavior. 

- Lizz Shepherd