If you like Clint Eastwood films then you probably know some of the "Gran Torino" quotes by heart. Clint starred and directed this movie about a grumpy Korean war vet named Walt Kowalski. Walt's carries a lot of prejudice against his neighbors, can't get along with anyone. When a neighbor named Theo, under gang pressure, tries to steal Walt's most prized possession 1972 Grant Torino, that's when Walt stops hating and starts doing something about his neighborhood. He makes it his mission to reform Theo and takes some serious steps to protect Theo and his family against gangs.

  1. "I once fixed a door that wasn't even broken yet." - Walt Kowalski. He just wants to make sure people know he means business. No one can deliver a line like this but Clint as one of the best "Gran Torino" quotes.

  2. "My name? It's "Take your crude, overly obvious come-on to every woman who walks past and cram it." That's my name." - Sue Lor.  She's Theo's sister and is tough as nails. Walt respects that being a tough guy himself.

  3. "I've been called a lot of things, but never funny." - Walt Kowalski. Only a girl would say that to Walt. The men just shutter in fear.

  4. "It's not Toad, my name is Thao." - Thao Vang Lor. Walt isn't good with names. In this "Gran Torino" quote Walt is trying to get Thao to chase after a girl at a party.

  5. "Walt Kowalski once said to me that I knew nothing about life or death, because I was an over-educated, 27-year-old virgin who held the hand of superstitious old women and promised them eternity. " - Father Janovich. The priest said this to his congregation during Walt's euology.  The priest learned a lot about life through Walt, street-life that is.

  6. "Hmong girls over here fit in better. The girls go to college and the boys go to jail." - Sue Lor. Fact of life "Gran Torino" quote as Sue tells it like it is for her people. Girls get educated, boy get into gangs.

  7. "Get off my lawn!" - Walk Kowalski. While most people would just yell, not Walt. He aims a shotgun if you step on his lawn.

  8. "Mentally, I'm way too old for you." - Sue Lor. When Sue was asked by a gang member how old she was, she told him off her own way. Now that's a fun "Gran Torino" quote anyone can use.

  9. "Take these three items, some WD-40, a vise grip, and a roll of duct tape. Any man worth his salt can fix almost any problem with this stuff alone." - Walt Kowalski. There's a lot of truth in this "Gran Torino" quote. Duct tape is man's answer to fixing many household problems.

  10. "No worries, we only eat cats." - Sue Lor. When Walt asked his neighbor to not eat his dog. She got a little of her own back with this "Gran Torino" quote.