The best movies that make you cry are not cheap ploys for tears but instead movies that tug at your heart strings because you genuinely care about the characters. These movies bring out the tissues thanks to stories that make you believe and then realize that the end does not involve a happily ever after.

“Big Fish” – This is a movie that makes you cry thanks to the daddy-issues involved in the story. A man has avoided his father for years, tiring of the tall tales he tells his family. When he learns his father is dying, he also learns that not all the stories were untrue.

“Frequency” – This is another movie that makes you cry thanks to the father-son dynamic. A man gets a transmission from an old radio from his father from the past. When he tries to save his father’s life from years before, he changes his future.

“Brian’s Song” – This is a movie that makes most men cry. The movie follows the life and death of Brian Piccolo and his relationship to his close friend and teammate Gale Sayers. The moments that hit are where Sayers talks about his friend.

“The Notebook” – While this is most definitely a chick flick, it remains a movie that makes you cry thanks to strong performances by everyone involved. The movie is a love story of how two people meet and fall in love, told by the man to his wife, who has Alzheimer’s and never remembers him.

“Moulin Rouge”Baz Luhrmann created this masterpiece surrounding a writer in Paris who falls in love with a dancer from the Moulin Rouge. He tries to woo her before learning that she is dying of an incurable disease.

“Old Yeller” – This movie is one that will make most young boys cry. The movie explores what happens when a boy understands he has to kill his pet dog who becomes rabid after protecting the family from a wolf. When Old Yeller is downed, it is the worst feeling of any movie.

“Up” – The strange thing about this Pixar movie is it makes you cry at the beginning. Before the adventure begins, the film shows the lead character in an almost silent, musical montage as he falls in love, gets married, grows old and watches his wife die, leaving him all alone. Strong stuff for an animated film.

“My Girl” – This is a movie about what it is like to lose your innocence. A young girl finds herself having to grow up quick when she tries to take care of herself and her widowed father. It hits hard when her best friend Thomas dies of an allergic reaction to bee stings, bringing death to her world once again.

“Million Dollar Baby”Clint Eastwood directs this movie about a boxing trainer who reluctantly agrees to train a female boxer. In this movie that makes you cry, Eastwood’s character becomes a surrogate father figure for the young boxer and when she is crippled in a boxing match, he has to make a tough decision.

“Love Story” – This is an older movie that makes you cry about a young couple who fall in love and marry despite being disowned by their family for doing so. The movie is a tragedy as she develops a disease and dies at the end. When his father learns he could have helped if he had not shut them out, it is a devastating moment.

-Shawn Lealos