This article will highlight 10 must-see government movies from the 2000s. Government films usually center around politics, the FBI and/or the CIA and can fall under comedies, drama or thrillers. Here is a list of government movies from the 2000s:

  1. "The Art Of War" This movie centers around an FBI spy. After the spy becomes the main suspect in the murder of China's U.N. ambassador, he must use his skills to clear his name and prevent the killers from striking again.

  2. "Traffic" This movie is about international drug trafficking. The story follows drug trafficking from its source and explores the effects that drugs have on America's borders, the federal government and the users. 

  3. "Spy Game" This government movie centers around two CIA special agents. A soon-to-be retired spy is pulled back into action to rescue a rouge spy who is being held in a communist jail.

  4. "The Manchurian Candidate" This government movie is about political conspiracy and psychological reconditioning. The plot follows an ex-combat soldier, who after experiencing mental illness is compelled to assassinate a well known political figure.

  5. "Syriana" This movie follows a CIA agent on a final mission. The folding plot centers around the corruption in the global oil industry from behind the closed doors in Washington, D.C. to the oil fields of the Middle East.

  6. "The Interpreter" This political thriller centers around the United Nations. After an interpreter overhears a cryptic threat against the life of an official, a government secret agent is brought in to investigate only to discover the interpreter is involved in corruption with the same threatened official.

  7. "Untraceable" This thriller features a special agent who is a cyber crime investigator. The government agent must track down an untraceable serial killer who broadcasts his murders on his own website.

  8. "Eagle Eye" Two strangers who after receiving the same phone call are thrown together only to find themselves the government's most wanted fugitives. Now the two must work together in order to find out who flipped their lives upside down in order to reverse it.

  9. "Salt" This political thriller involves a CIA agent. After she is accused of being a Russian spy, the agent goes on the run to prove her innocence, but the longer she stays on the run, the more the government questions her motives.

  10. "Fair Game" This government thriller is based on a true story. The plot follows a CIA agent after her cover is intentionally blown while working in Iraq. Now jobless and a public disgrace, the ex-agent sets out to clear her name and hold her family together.

Note: You can find each of these government movies on DVD for your enjoyment.