Government movies about America take many forms. Some of them are biographies. Others examine the workings of the political system. Still, there’s no reason not to enjoy a good government film. Here’s a list of pictures that are both informative and entertaining:

  1. "JFK" (1991). Oliver’s Stone’s conspiracy filled epic is a great film. Even though it mixes fact with fiction, even using documentary footage inter-spliced with fake footage, it is one of the best government movies about America. The cast is excellent and the re-creation scenes of President Kennedy’s assassination are fascinating to watch.

  2. "Milk" (2008). This biographical film about San Francisco politician Harvey Milk is one of the best government movies about America. Milk was a gay rights activist and openly homosexual. He was ultimately assassinated helping to defeat California’s Prop 6, which sought to ban gays and lesbians from working in public schools.

  3. "Good Night, and Good Luck" (2005). Filmed in black and white, this movie is set against the backdrop of the Cold War. It deals with Senate Investigations and uses the entertaining device of telling the story from the viewpoint of a teen popular radio host.

  4. "Arlington Road" (1999). Homegrown domestic terrorism is the subject of this government movie about America. After the death of his FBI wife, a Professor becomes obsessed with the idea of his neighbor being a terrorist. Turns out he is right, but the Professor is played for the patsy at the end and is ultimately blamed for a new terrorist attack.

  5. "In the Line of Fire" (1993). Clint Eastwood tries to stop John Malkovich from assassinating the President of the United States in this cat-and-mouse thriller. An engaging government movie about America and one of the only to deal with the Secret Service, it’s Clint Eastwood at his best.

  6. "Breach" (2007). Based on a true story, this film is about an FBI agent convicted of being a Russian spy. It covers all the inner workings on the hunt to bring him down and it one of the best government movies about America dealing with espionage.

  7. "Wargames" (1983).Another Cold War themed picture, the computer is the real villain in this film. In the days before the Internet the greatest fear was of the computers taking over control of the nuclear arsenal on the American government.

  8. "W." (2008). This biopic is about “Dubyah,” the controversial 43rd President of the United States. One of the most entertaining government movies about America, it paints a telling portrait of George W. Bush. It makes him a somewhat sympathetic character, but more importantly makes him a real person and not merely just a President.

  9. "Nixon" (1995). Oliver Stone returns to familiar ground in this biopic about president Richard Nixon. It is surprisingly sympathetic considering Nixon is the only U.S. President to be impeached. An amazing cast and Stone’s signature style make this a great government movie about America.

  10. "The Distinguished Gentleman" (1992). Eddie Murphy stars in this comedy about a con man worming his way into the United States congress. For a government movie about America is covers the back alley deals and closed door hand shakes that politicians make in order to make their real money. It’s an entertaining satire and fun for all fans of Mr. Murphy.

-C. Tyger Williams