Want to know good drama movies to watch with your girlfriend? Perhaps you want to please your girlfriend and still enjoy a movie night. If so, then you'll want to learn about good drama movies to watch with your girlfriend so you don't get stuck watching some chick-flick but can score points with your girl.

  1. "Top Gun"  This movie will not only let you enjoy the action but it will satisfy her as well. It's about an elite flying school where members become advanced fighter pilots. Tom Cruise plays a pilot that goes against the rules when flying and falling in love with someone that is his superior.

  2. "Platoon"  This Viet Nam movie starring Charlie Sheen, Tom Berenger and Willem Dafoe will allow you to enjoy the action and her to enjoy the dynamics of men during war time. It's about a platoon that experiences horrific events during their tour in Viet Nam and there's plenty of backstabbing and death.

  3. "True Lies"  "True Lies" stars Jamie Lee Curtis and Arnold Swarzenegger as a couple that are keeping secrets from each other; he's a spy and she's unsatisfied. Once their marriage and jobs collide, they set out to save the country from terrorists together.

  4. "Speed"  This movie stars Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock about a bus that can't go above 55 mph or it will set off a bomb set by a disgrunted man trying to prove a point. Sandra's character becomes the bus driver and Keanu is the cop that helps her.

  5. "Gladiator"  Starring Russell Crowe, this movie is a drama but it's filled with gladiator action and tons of bloodshed. It's about a gladiator that travels to Rome to exact revenge for his murdered wife and child; plenty of gladiator style action ensues after he has to fight in the gladiator ring.

  6. "The Notebook"  This film is about a poor man that falls in love with a wealthy girl and how their love endures the tests of time. It stars Rachel McAdams, Gena Rowlands and James Garner. She'll love it and you'll try to hide your tears.

  7. "Forrest Gump"  Starring Tom Hanks, who can forget this movie about a simple minded man that is involved with so many historic moments? Forrest Gump goes to Viet Nam, to the White House, inspires runners and starts his own shrimp industry.

  8. "I Am Legend"  When the world is eradicated by a plague, the star of our movie Will Smith, must try to find a cure for the vampire-like humans left over and maintain his sanity at the same time. The drama with his wife and child are especially heartbreaking.

  9. "Erin Brockovich"  This is about as close to a chick flick as this list will come but don't be put off, this is a great movie that you both can enjoy. While there are no car chases or buildings being blown up, it does tell the story of how a small time legal assistant took down an entire corporation when many residents of a town are getting cancer. You'll get extra points for it having Julia Roberts in it.

  10. "Wild Things"  Here's your movie to make up for the Julia Roberts film. This movie is a crime drama that has girl on girl action and plenty of skin. It stars Denise Richards, Matt Damon and Neve Campbell. It's about a school counselor accused of raping a student but things are much more complicated than they seem.

There's your list to learn about good drama movies to watch with your girlfriend. Some you may enjoy more than others and some may be a sacrifice for you but just remember, for every movie with Julia Roberts you can find one with a little skin, a lot of war or a few things that are blown up.