The "Coyote Ugly" cast is a group of talented actors. "Coyote Ugly" is a wonderful movie that depicts the saga of a young woman who is born in penury but dreams big and sets on a long journey into the neighboring city to make those dreams come true. The twists and turns she encounters as she fights for a role in a major Hollywood production has proven to be an inspiration for many aspiring actors. The cast of the movie is perfect in the roles assigned and each of them displays a flair that is very exclusive. Five of the best "Coyote Ugly" cast members are given below.

Piper Perabo as Violet Sanford

Piper is one accomplished actress who played the lead in "Coyote Ugly" as Violet, the young girl out to pursue her dreams. Perabo has done such a fabulous job in the movie that she bagged the top honors in the MTV Award Function for the Best Music Moment. She is a Golden Globe Award winner, too, and was honored with many achievements in Hollywood. The seasoned actress has acted in a lot of lead roles, but the majority of critical acclaim was for the role of Violet Sanford.

John Goodman as Billene Sanford

For a major part of his career, John Goodman was sidelined in blink-and-miss roles, but with "Coyote Ugly" the seasoned actor finally got a chance to showcase his acting talents. Having played the role of the lead actress’s father, John Goodman is credited with winning a few awards as the Best Supporting Lead in several Golden Globe ceremonies. With a career that spanned two decades, Goodman has acted in more than 100 movies and has lent his voice to a few animated movies as well.

Tyra Banks as Zoe

An accomplished model and actress with a multi-talented personality that includes several other traits such as business marketing, singing and writing, Tyra Banks is a wonderful actress and a social worker at heart. She also won the Gay Lesbian Community Award for the media-oriented work that she did. Her flawless portrayal of Zoe earned Banks worldwide recognition that remains unparalleled.

Bridget Moynahan as Rachel

Having acted in the movie "Coyote Ugly," Moynahan earned a launching pad for future movies that included "Serendipity" and "Blue Blood." With a miniscule role that could have easily been side casted among other talented actors she was pitted against, she stood up and held her own in a commendable way. Thus, Moynahan occupies a prominent place in this of "Coyote Ugly" cast members.

Adam Garcia as Kevin O’Donell

Garcia is portrayed as the second lead actor in the movie that revolves completely around the life and struggles of the female protagonist. He is remarkably restrained in this beautiful performance. He went on to win immense fame and accolades as the male lead in "Coyote Ugly." The best part is that though Adam is Australian by birth, he went on to play a lot of American male lead roles and fit into the character wonderfully as a seasoned actor.