Fireman movies come in all genres and with all types of actors, honoring the men and woman who puts their lives on the line to fight fires for a living. These films obviously have firemen as main characters, though many of these movies are different in tone, ranging from dramatic movies to action movies to comedies.

  1. "Backdraft" A fireman movie that is both an action film and a drama, "Backdraft" tells the story of two brothers (Kurt Russell and William Baldwin) who work for the same firehouse in Chicago. Russell's character is the wily veteran and Baldwin's character is the eager rookie. It's one of the better major Hollywood fireman movies out there, even with Billy Baldwin as the star.

  2. "Always" Directed by Stephen Spielberg, "Always" stars Richard Dreyfuss as a pilot who fights forest fires by dropping water on the fires with his plane. When he dies, he comes back as a guardian angel only to watch another guy fall in love with his girl. A heart-warming, exciting, well-made fireman movie, one of the best ever in the category.

  3. "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry" A fireman movie comedy in which Adam Sandler and Kevin James play Brooklyn firemen who are trying to save money by pretending to be a gay married couple. Standard Sandler movie fare, chock-full of sophomoric humor and cringe worthy gags. It does have Jessica Biel though, which almost makes up for it.

  4. "Ladder 49" A fireman movie drama that proves a tad over dramatic at times tells the story of firemen played by River Phoenix and John Travolta who try to put out a raging warehouse fire. When one of them is trapped inside the burning warehouse, the other must organize a rescue effort to get him out.

  5. "Roxanne" A sweet, heartwarming fireman comedy and romance starring Steve Martin, in which he plays a small town fire chief with a very large, long nose. He falls in love with a woman and does everything he can to swoon her. A fireman movie unlike any of the others.

  6. "World Trade Center" Oliver Stone's homage to the firefighters who came to the doomed World Trade Center towers on 9/11. The film is darkly dramatic and arguably melodramatic, though it's tough to tell this type of fireman story any other way.