There are some famous criminals in movies that can strike fear into even the bravest hero. These villians are not only unsavory, they are downright descipable. At the same time, they entertain us like no one else can.  Here is what makes up the "most wanted" famous criminals list.

The Joker - "Batman"

He can be played by Jack Nicholson.  He can be played by Heath Ledger. Heck, he can even be voiced by Mark Hamill. But no matter who plays him, the Joker never fails to give people the creeps with his disturbing sense of humor and complete lack of morals. Whether he is kidnapping Batman's girl, threatening to blow up Gotham, or just cackling gleefully while killing some poor soul, no one can top the Joker. He is one of the most famous criminals in movies. 

Tommy Devito - "Goodfellas"

If the Joker made clowns a little scarier, Joe Pesci made cute little Italian guys downright frightening. He may have been small, but what he lacked in stature, he made up for in simple cold-bloodedness. No one could cross this criminal and live to tell the tale, which is not to say he did not have a sense of humor. Just do not call him funny. No, seriously. Do not do it.

Mr. Blonde - "Reservoir Dogs" 

No one plays a badass like Michael Madsen. The guy is a genius when it comes playing  tough, no-nonsense characters.  Also, no one can create a colorful criminal like Quentin Tarantino. Put the two together and you get Mr. Blonde, a smooth criminal with slicked back hair and a mean looking razorblade. No one who has seen the movie can hear the strains of "Stuck in the Middle" again without covering their ears and thinking of that scene. You know the one.

John Doe - "Seven"  

Anyone can be a criminal, but it takes a special breed of psycho to become a "famous" criminal.  Enter John Doe, one of the most enigmatic criminals in movie history.  Not only did he have a plan, he followed it through to the bitter end, leaving a whole lot of dead bodies in his wake. The seven deadly sins were never deadlier. 

Max Cady - "Cape Fear"

One of the few remakes that actually worked, "Cape Fear" brought us Cady, one of the top famous movie criminals of all time and definitely one of the most frightening. A family trying to fend off a psychotic killer hell-bent on revenge. That premise along can send shivers up your spine, but when this guy is played by Robert De Niro, you just know the guy is going to be bad. Add a bunch on kick-ass tattoos and you get one of the best criminals ever to light up the screen. The dude is seriously scary.