Love gets its share of bumps and bruises while continuing on with these "Dear John" movie quotes. Love wouldn't be love if it was always easy and this drama lets this emotion get run through the wringer, thus making it stronger than when it first came into being. Find a quiet space in your head and remember your past and present loves as you let introspection take hold with these lines spoken by Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried.

"Right before everything went black, you wanna know the very last thing that entered my mind? You." When the world ends, will you reach for a person, a thing, or a distant memory? No knowing if you'll live through something and forgoing self-centered thoughts to think of another person shows the power that another human being can have upon a person's mind. The heart always knows what it wants, but sometimes people choose to ignore it out of self-preservation. This "Dear John" quote shows the poignancy the last moments can take on when someone reaches out, physically or mentally, for their other half.

"Well you scare me." Love isn't all hearts and scattered rose petals. The ideal that love brings means a vulnerability of the heart, soul and brain as thoughts are laid bare. And, to any individual that is a scary precedent. Love is the ultimate fight or flight response; do you fall into it or run like heck away from it? There are times when movies are able to express certain things a person is too tongue tied to say and "Dear John" is one of those films. Embrace your fear and make it work for you or else you'll end up hiding under the couch. And you know the cat is going to want that spot back sooner or later.

"Two weeks for me to fall for you." It takes most of us longer to figure out what to make for dinner than it takes to go all head over heels into love. Two weeks is nothing and everything at the same time as it's a decision that will have rewards and consequences, joys and tragedies and that's just talking about the first few months of a new relationship. Fourteen days measured against a lifetime seem like nothing, but all the thinking, all the instincts lining up and all the skipped heartbeats during that time adds up. "Dear John" gives weight to both the snap judgments as well as the long, quiet introspective moments a person tackles as they go tackle the game of love.

"The saddest people I've ever met in life are the ones who don't care deeply about anything at all." Living a life without care does free one from most worries, but it cripples as well as there would be no excitement and no joys. It would be a life with simple needs but no desires or wants, and those extras tend to round out a person. The deeper the emotions, the more powerful the desires that drive those emotions. There are costs as well as rewards with caring, but both receive a depth that would be extinguished were it not for acutely caring about your attractions. This is a well spoken observation from "Dear John" that can be applied to many things in relationships as well as life.

"...eventually time always runs out." This is a simple statement in "Dear John" on both the everyday mortality of words, thoughts and feelings as well as the long term mortality where a life ends permanently. Time will fade to nothing but it's what one does in the seconds, the minutes and even the years that matter. "Dear John" is a study of how two people choose to spend their small and large moments and the worth of love as the overarching emotion two people can share as their lives pass.

- Matthew Langenfeld