When discussing ethics movies for men, there are several choices. Men typically enjoy movies with a lot of action, drama, and of course, hot women. The below list of four ethical movies that men would find interesting has all those and more.

"A Few Good Men"

"A Few Good Men", starring Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson, Kevin Bacon, and Demi Moore was one of the top movies of the 1990's. This ethical drama revolved around a murder trail that resulted from a hazing incident involving two young marines. As it turned out, the hazing order was ordered from a high ranking military official.

"Blue Chips"

Starring Nick Nolte, this 1994 basketball drama is about Pete Bell (Nolte), a college basketball coach who is under a lot of pressure from alumni to win. As a result, he recruits a handful on high school All-Americans by offering them money, farm equipment, and jobs for their parents. After defeating the number one team in the country, Bell admits he illegally recruited some of his players, making "Blue Chips" a very memorable ethical movie for men.

"Varsity Blues"

"Varsity Blues" is an ethical football drama, starring James Van Der Beek, Jon Voight, Scott Caan, and Ali Larter. Jon Voight plays a demanding football coach who insists his star players play, even though many are injured. This decision caused him to lose his starting quarterback for the entire season. At the end, his unethical approach to coaching led to a revolt by his entire team at halftime of a state playoff game.


After capturing Yusef, an American Muslim tourist who planted three armed nuclear bombs in three US cities, Black Ops interrogator H (Samuel L Jackson) and FBI agent Helen Brody (Kate Anne Moss) went to extreme measures to make him disclose the bombs' location; including slitting Yusef's wife's throat and threatening to torture his children. Yusef caved and disclosed the location of the three bombs. However, H was convinced there was a fourth bomb, but Brody and the other government officials disagreed and ended the interrogation. This ethical movie for men ended with one of the bomb squads congratulating each other after disarming the third bomb; meanwhile, a timer on a fourth bomb was shown ticking down as the movie ended.

-Tony Dayton