Ethics Movies About Love

Sunday, May 1 by Robin Raven

Ethics movies about love deal with many issues most of us face. Movies about ethics allow us to examine what the right thing to do really is. It lets us ponder what we would do in the character's situation. When also dealing with the depths of love, there are many layers that viewers can enjoy within an ethical-based movie.

  1. "Cider House Rules"-This is a movie set at an orphanage. It follows the story of several characters, but it centers on a young man named Homer Wells. He's an orphan who has been mentored by the doctor at the orphanage. It addresses such controversial topics as abortion, with Dr. Lurch passing on to Homer what he feels is right and wrong on many issues. The film follows Homer's romance as well.
  2. "The Good-bye Girl"-This movie looks at the unfair eviction of a woman and her young daughter from their New York City apartment, after the mother's boyfriend abandons them for Hollywood. Seeking the right thing to do, the man who is moving in feels sorry for them, and he allows them to stay in the apartment with him. This unusual living situation causes problems at first, but love finds a way.
  3. "The Virgin Suicides"-Neighborhood boys love the five Lisbon sisters from afar. Yet, how far can one go to rescue someone who is spiraling toward self-destruction? It explores young love, ethics withi high school, and the ethics of suicide.
  4. "The Adjustment Bureau"-This modern movie asks how can love be the wrong thing to pursue? Although a well-meaning group of what can be called "angels" seeks to separate a couple in love, the desperately devoted couple struggle to prove that love is the right thing to choose above anything else.
  5. "Monster's Ball"-This movie is among the darkest ever made. However, the portraits of the cringe-worthy troubled characters reinforces the movie's strong story about the ethics within crime and the love a racist man feels for an African American woman.
  6. "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?"-This exuberant drama stars Sidney Poitier, Katherine Hepburn, and Spencer Tracy. Set in the 1960s, it explores what happens when a young, white woman returns to her devoted family after a trip to Hawaii. She announces her plans to marry a black, humanitarian doctor. All four in-laws are forced to deal with their own ethics and prejudices.
  7. "Father of the Bride"-This 1991 remake stars Steve Martin. It addresses the deep family bonds of love surrounding one Southern California family. It also addresses the ethical dilemma the dad faces when he has a chance to prevent a wedding he's not thrilled about. Acting out of love comes into play.
  8. "Dancer in the Dark"-Bjork stars in this dark drama. She plays a woman who is losing her eyesight, yet saving up for surgery than can help save her son's eyesight. When her money is stolen, a worse tragedy occurs, and no love can save her. This movie brings to light how easy it can be for a truly good person to do something hideously wrong, without even planning or wanting to do so.
  9. "Exotica"-This movie by Atom Egoyan follows the story of several lives that intersect at an adult club. It addresses the fact that "not everybody has the luxury of deciding what they do with their life." It follows the mysterious love affair of the owners of the club, while also posing the question at the beginning (before it explores the many self-destructing lives), "You have to ask yourself what brought the person to this point."
  10. "Blood Diamond"-Leonardo DiCaprio stars in this movie that sheds light on the very real lack of ethics within the process of obtaining diamonds. It also shows a love story within the disturbing tale of corruption and torture. It will make you think twice about asking for a diamond engagement right, that's for sure.
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