Every "Eclipse" summary or synopsis would benefit with a few words about the series in which it is a part. The "Twilight Saga" is a series of movies that are based on the "Twilight" novels by Stephenie Meyer. "Twilight", the first book of the series, was released as a motion picture in 2008. "Eclipse" was released in June, 2010 as the third movie in the series following "New Moon". "The Twilight Series" and "The Twilight Saga" are tales of teenage romance, vampires and werewolves

In "Eclipse", Kristen Stewart plays Bella, a teenage girl who is romantically involved with a vampire and a werewolf. "Eclipse" begins with a new string of murders in the Seattle area. It turns out that the vampires are causing a lot of mayhem in the city as an act of revenge against Bella, the main protagonist. The vampires' scheme is to create an army of vampires to take on Bella. 

Bella is dating Edward (Robert Pattinson), a vampire, at the beginning of "Eclipse". Edward suspects that his fellow vampires are behind the murders. Edward is also suspicious of Bella's werewolf friends, who are at war with the vampires. Jacob (Taylor Lautner) declares his love for Bella, which makes Edward even more nervous. After a rather forced kiss, Bella breaks off her friendship with Jacob and the rest of the canine clan. Bella and Edward become engaged. 

Things get complicated from here as Bella realizes the importance of her werewolf allies. She suddenly comes on to Jacob and kisses him. Here begins a strange love triangle. The battle between the werewolves and the vampires rages on as Bella goes back and forth between spending eternity with Edward and seeing Jacob. Finally, as Jacob is down due to a battle injury, Bella tells him that she decided to marry Edward once and for all. Bella is still in love with Jacob, but shucks. 

"Eclipse" ends with Bella scheduling the date on which she is to become a vampire.