Movie audiences love to see some crazy girl action on the big screen, but there are some fans who want to go a tad farther and watch some depraved girls in movies. No, not the crazy girl antics of a typical Drew Barrymore film or some zany Katherine Heigl romantic comedy, we’re talking the very dark kind of crazy. Read these examples and ask yourself if you’re ready for this level of insanity.

  1. “The Hand That Rocks the Cradle” Rebecca De Mornay may have aroused her male fans with her turn as a crazy teenage prostitute in “Risky Business”, but she went for a whole new kind of depraved girl in this movie about a vengeful woman who lost her husband and was determined to ruin the family she blamed for his death.

  2. “The Exorcist” Linda Blair’s portrayal of an innocent child who transforms a depraved girl shocked audiences for years after its release. Not only did the film play into the audiences fears of the unknown, it used suspense and terror in ways that it took decades to copy into other films.

  3. “The Exorcism of Emily Rose” This was one of those films which used “The Exorcist” has a kind of inspiration for its own story. Loosely based on the true story of an exorcism gone horribly wrong, the poor depraved girl in this movie is already dead by the opening credits. It tells her story through flashbacks and a trial of the priest who was charged in her death.

  4. “Jennifer’s Body” The poster for this story of depraved girls in movies tells it all—Megan Fox in a school girl outfit sitting on a desk with a dead body hanging out of it. In the film she plays one of the most popular cheerleaders in school who gets consumed by a demon and begins killing all of the males in her class.

  5. “Poison Ivy” Coming back to the screen after years of several well-publicized substance abuse problems, Drew Barrymore brought new meaning to depraved girls in movies when she played a young woman who seduces the father of her friend just for the hell of it. The movie (and the general theme) was so popular that it spawned three sequels, each with a different cast.

  6. “Blade: Trinity” Some fans think of Wesley Snipe’s final turn as the immortal vampire hunter as his weakest performance, but the reason this film is so popular is due to the supporting cast, namely Parker Posey as Danica Talos, the most depraved girl in this movie who stopped at nothing to get what she wanted; the resurrection of Dracula.

  7. “Carrie” There is no doubt about it; this film set the standard for depraved girls in movies Sissy Spacek’s turn as a shy young girl pushed way too far is now considered a horror classic despite the fact the only really scary scene in the movie takes place at the very end of the film.

  8. “Black Swan” The newest entry onto the list, this Oscar-winning film tells the story of a different kind of depraved girl in movies. This one, played by Natalie Portman, is a young ballerina so determined to excel in the lead role in an adaptation of “Swan Lake” that she loses her grip on reality and slips into madness.  

  9. “GoldenEye” James Bond movies are known for many things. Among those are the colorful women who appear in them. The character of Xenia Onatopp (played with excellence by Famke Janssen) is a unique depraved girl in this movie for the method in which she kills her victims—strangling them with her thighs while having sex with them

-Mark Dodson