The only thing better than a good courtroom movie is courtroom movies with hot actresses. No matter how insufferable you might fight the legal system, it is hard to ignore a beautiful woman in a film concerning the law. The following list includes five courtroom movies with plenty of eye candy.

  1. "My Cousin Vinny" This hilarious comedy features the classically lovely Marisa Tomei. As the somewhat brash fiance to Joe Pesci's attorney, Vinni Gambini, Tomei is charming as Mona Lisa Vito. The character is equal parts air head and pure genius. Tomei won an Academy Award much to the dismay of many, but the controversy over her win can easily be seen as an oversight after watching her completely steal the film from everyone in the cast.

  2. "Runaway Jury" A film based on another John Grisham novel. The hot actress in this case is the very sexy Rachel Weisz. The movie, which also stars a solid John Cusack, is about the manipulation of a jury on a trial concerning a gun manufacturer. With more twists than a pretzel, this film is an energetic thriller with a great cast.

  3. "Legally Blonde" After a decade of hard work in underrated films, Reese Witherspoon hit is big as the adorable and bubbly Elle Woods. Elle is a sorority girl at a California university who is perfectly content with her life until her pompous boyfriend, Warner, dumps her for a snobby ivy league girl (the always perfect, Selma Blair). When Elle discovers that Warner is heading to Harvard Law, she decides that is exactly what she needs to do to win him back. The super hot Ali Larter also stars. Witherspoon is sexy, cute and funny as the savvy not-so-dumb blonde.

  4. "A Time to Kill" Before everyone jumped on the Sandra Bullock sympathy bandwagon, she was loved mostly for her hotness. Another film based on a John Grisham book, "A Time to Kill" is the story of a young lawyer who defends a black man accused of murdering two men that raped his ten-year-old daughter. The movie also stars another hot actress, Ashley Judd.

  5. "High Crimes" Ashley Judd and Amanda Peet are the two hot actresses in this mystery about a lawyer, Claire Kubik (Judd) who learns that her husband is not exactly who he says he is when he is being arrested and revealed to have another name and a potentially secret life. In order to get to the bottom of a case that involves her husband being accused of murdering Latin American villagers while he was a marine, Claire must hire an odd attorney to assist her. When the eyewitnesses are revealed to be dead, Claire starts to have second thoughts about her husband.