One of the classics of American cinema is "Cool Hand Luke," and like any movie of its stature, there are plenty of memorable "Cool Hand Luke" quotes to take a viewer right back into the heart of the film. The story of a man (Paul Newman) refusing to adjust to the strictures of a rural prison, "Cool Hand Luke" is a story anyone can relate to, about a true American rebel who may not be perfect, but he's a lot like us. Here are some of the best and most memorable "Cool Hand Luke" quotes from the film.

  1. "What we got here is...failure to communicate." This line, from the Road Prison Captain played by the legendary character actor Strother Martin, is probably the most memorable of all Cool Hand Luke quotes. It sums up the prison complex's attitude towards dissidents in a cold, emotionless way, like the establishment they stand for. Not only is it likely the most memorable of all of the Cool Hand Luke quotes, it is one of the most memorable quotes from any film, ever.

  2. "Well, sometimes nothin' can be a real cool hand." This line from Luke gives the character his name, after he's won a poker hand on a bluff, showing just what kind of guy he is. The was Paul Newman delivers this Cool Hand Luke quote will make any movie-watcher smile.

  3. "I can eat fifty eggs." An eating contest is at the center of the film, and Luke makes the outrageous claim that he can eat fifty eggs in an hour, putting everyone in the prison in disbelief. Is it just another cool hand bluff? Even his pal Dragline (the always great George Kennedy) doesn't know for sure.

  4. "He's a natural born world-shaker." The last of our Cool Hand Luke quotes comes from George Kennedy's Dragline, about Paul Newman's Luke. The line is true, showing that on a small scale any man can make a difference. The film was a product of its time (the late 1960s) and its philosophy goes right in line with that. "Cool Hand Luke" is a classic and that last quote is one of the reasons why.