The importance of family obeys no classifications, as you will experience in "The Blind Side" movie quotes. The love of a mother takes the center stage in a community that isn't as accepting as they believe they are and changes ensue. Try out a heartwarming film that is sure to deliver laughs when you gaze upon these lines:

"Yo, deliverance. You see number 74? Well, that's my son." The only time a reference to the movie "Deliverance" isn't funny is if you're lost deep in the woods being hunted by hillbillies. Luckily that's not the case here and it's even funnier as Sandra Bullock's character is the one tossing it out. Couple a great insult with the possessiveness of a mother and you've got a great line from "The Blind Side" that speaks to her character's love as well as extreme feistiness.

"I mean any fool can have courage. But honor, that's the real reason for you either do something or you don't."  Michael sums up the difference between courage and honor and the complexity of their interaction. "The Blind Side" has both in large amounts but it's still necessary to show how courage can fall short without honor to guide it towards the right path. Without the honor of his adopted family, his life might have remained filled with tragedy instead of joy and love. In the end, "The Blind Side" is how love can be bolstered up by courage and honor to become something truly lasting.

"You threaten my son, you threaten me." The love of a mother for her son is as much about defending him as it is about going on the offensive to preemptively stop any harm. Here Leigh Anne, played by Sandra Bullock, makes it crystal clear that Michael is her son no matter the lack of a biological link. She is the classic mama bear and if you get between her and her cub, it's not going to end well for you in "The Blind Side".

"Only when he's bad." A bit of a throw away line that gets to the matter of who is in charge of the Tuohy household. Men may have grown used to being the king of the castle in the past but the women are the true puppet masters behind the kings. Leigh Anne Tuohy may seem diminutive, especially next to Michael Oher but she is a force of nature when she wishes to express her will across all that she surveys in "The Blind Side". A quote that serves as a cautionary tale for all that would oppose Leigh Anne's rule, inside or outside of the domicile.

"I kinda thought I already was." Michael's response to being asked about if he wanted to be adopted by the Tuohy family is heartstring pulling. He never considered that he wasn't already a family member and didn't consider any want or need of making it a legal bond. "The Blind Side" is about heart at its core and it swells to almost bursting proportions with this quote.