The best thriller movies for guys will keep your eyes glued to the tube because you're wondering what's going to happen next. They also might have characters who are easy to bust on. However, if the thriller movie is really good, no one will even get up to pee much less talk and giggle through it. The following thriller movies for guys will have you holding onto your crotch so that you don't miss anything while in the potty room.

"The Signal" Yes, this is another technology run amok thriller movie. A normal meat and potatoes town goes berserk when a strange signal broadcasts through all the electronic devices and turns everyone into deranged killers. That is, except for Ben Capstone. Justin Welborn stars as Ben, the guy who is immune from these crazy emissions. Ben vows to save a married woman from a rabid existence and steal her away from her rabid husband. It's a great 2007 thriller movie for guys.

"Jacob's Ladder" Tim Robbins plays Jacob Singer, a psychologically wounded Vietnam vet in 1970s New York City. Without remembering what traumatized him on the battlefield, Jacob has a series of hallucinations. You won't find out the cause of his delusions until the end of this 1990 thriller movie. 

"Cape Fear" Robert De Niro stars as Max, a deranged Bible thumper who gets even with his public defender for intentionally letting him go to jail on sexual assault charges. Public defender Sam Bowden, played by Nick Nolte, withheld an important document that could have had Max acquitted in this 1991 thriller movie. Sam must pay for his immoral deeds after Max gets out of prison. 

"Memento" Guy Pearce plays Leonard whose wife was brutally raped and murdered. Leonard was also severely injured by the same man, and his ability to create new memories was destroyed. Leonard vows to get even with the man by substituting notes and photographs for his dysfunctional memory and tracking him down. If you want a great thriller movie for guys and can control your bladder for a couple hours, then this movie from the year 2000 is the one to watch. 

"Taxi Driver" Here's another great Robert De Niro thriller movie from 1976. Travis Bickle is a veteran US Marine who drives a cab on the nightshift. Travis has a sincere wish to keep the "scum" off the streets, but he tends to be a little scummy himself. He can't seem to get along with anyone, and he's plagued with paranoid delusions. Jodi Foster plays Iris, a teenage prostitute, whom Travis tries to save from the streets. Travis' gradual mental breakdown and subsequent activities makes "Taxi Driver" one of the most brilliant and best thriller movies for guys. The guys will also enjoy checking out Cybill Shepherd from her early years.