Best Romantic Movies With Hot Girls

Sunday, May 1 by Andrew Jett

The best romantic movies with hot girls are an essential tool for any guy in a relationship. They’ve got well-written romantic plots that your girl will love, and also plenty of eye candy to keep your attention from wavering.

  1. “(500) Days Of Summer” Underrated hot girl Zooey Deschanel doesn’t get the attention that some other actresses get, probably because her name is so hard to pronounce. This romantic 2009 movie is the perfect place for her girl-next-door hotness. Deschanel plays the object of Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s desires in a nonlinear and creative film.
  2. “Garden State” Natalie Portman downplays her beauty in this 2004 movie, but she still looks hot. Playing a quirky cutie opposite the over-medicated Zach Braff, Portman steals every scene with her down-to-earth beauty. The romantic element is heavily present in this movie, but you won’t even notice.
  3. “Say Anything…” Proving that the best romantic movies with hot girls can come from any decade, this film was released all the way back in 1989. The plot revolves around relatable everyman John Cusack attempting to woo Ione Skye, the town’s super-hot valedictorian. Skye is believable in the role, bringing charm and grace to her smart-girl character.
  4. “Pretty Woman” In the 1990 movie that launched Julia Roberts’ career, she plays a hot prostitute who becomes a companion to Richard Gere’s wealthy businessman character. The pair have great chemistry in this romantic movie, making Roberts’ hotness an added bonus to a genuinely funny and compelling script.
  5. “The Notebook” If your girl loves romantic movies, this 2004 release is probably one of her favorites. Ryan Gossling stars opposite Rachel McAdams, who is so hot that she’s capable of melting the screen every time she smiles. Gossling and McAdams play lovers whose relationship stretches economic and social boundaries. It’s sappy, even for a romantic movie, but it’s still one of the best in the genre.
  6. “Employee of the Month” A warehouse club store doesn’t seem like an ideal setting for a romantic movie, but it works for this 2006 film. Dane Cook stars as a slacker employee who ups his game when a hot girl transfers in from another store. Jessica Simpson plays the female lead, and although her acting leaves something to be desired, this romantic movie is still funny enough to check out.
  7. “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” If you like your hot girls to be a little unusual, Kate Winslet’s character in this romantic 2004 movie is for you. Jim Carrey plays a guy so distraught over a nasty breakup with Winslet, he decides to have his memories erased. Most of the film takes place in Carrey’s mind, setting the stage for some awesome special effects.
  8. “There’s Something About Mary” Cameron Diaz’s character in this 1998 romantic comedy is the perfect girl. She’s hot, she’s into sports, and she’s easy-going. Ben Stiller plays a down-on-his-luck bachelor who’s out to win Diaz’s heart. Stiller’s got competition though, and the movie kicks into high gear when Matt Dillon, Chris Elliott and even Brett Favre get involved in the chase.
  9. “Good Luck Chuck” We’re not sure how two Dane Cook films managed to find their way into the best romantic movies with hot girls, but this 2007 release can’t be left out. After sleeping with Cook’s dentist character, women find their true love. Cook plows his way through a string of beauties before meeting and falling for the smoking-hot Jessica Alba, who causes him to re-think his lifestyle.
  10. “Knocked Up” Katherine Heigl doesn’t get as much attention for being hot as she should. If you watch this romantic 2007 comedy, you’ll see why. Heigl steals the movie as an up-and-coming TV personality who gets pregnant after a one-night-stand with unemployed slob Seth Rogen. Through a series of hilarious scenes, the two fall in love and decide to raise the child together.


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    Looks like I have to add this movies in my list of Downloads.. though couple of movies are not that good.

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