If you’re in trouble and quickly need a list of the best romantic movies to watch on a date, Made Manual has got you covered. These are the best romantic movies that will interest both you and your date and also leave you both entertained until the end!

  1. “The Notebook” is a romantic film directed by Nick Cassavetes that you’ll want to check out with your date. The movie is set in the 40’s and features a poverty-ridden young guy that falls deeply in mutual love with an upper class young lady. The film depicts their story and how they must part due to their social standings. It may leave your date teary-eyed, and you might even also find yourself trying to fight back the waterworks. Overall, this is a goody to watch with that special someone.

  2. If you want something goofy to watch with your date, put on “There’s Something About Mary.” This is one of the older romantic movies, but it will keep you and your date giggling and interested. In “There’s Something About Mary,” a young man gets a second chance with the girl of his dreams from his ol high school. His first date with her (which happened when the two were in high school) turned out being disastrous and tumultuous, so the man is extra excited when he gets a second chance.

  3. “Titanic” is one of the best romantic movies to watch with a date. The storyline is set on the Titanic ship and features a love story between two young people. This is another love story that tells the tale of a poor young man and rich young girl that defy the odds and fall in love. Despite the fact that the young woman is engaged, she can’t help but act on her strong feelings for the young man. The story heats up as it moves along and offers an unexpected twist at the end!

  4. “You’ve Got Mail” is one of the quirkier romantic movies about a man and a woman that fall in love in a peculiar way. A man and woman fall in love over the internet, but in real life they are actually business rivals. Because of the anonymity of the internet, the two go on for a long time conversing over the internet no knowing the fact that they know each other very well. The movie gets even more interesting as they begin making attempts to meet in real life.

  5. “50 First Dates” sounds like an odd name for a movie, but once you watch this one with your date, you’ll want to watch it again and again. The movie begins like any of the other typical romantic movies where a young man meets and hits it off with his dream girl. However, after hitting it off with her, he approaches her the next day and finds that she doesn’t remember him because she suffers from short term memory loss. The film depicts the lengths that the young man goes to in order to win her over in the long run.

- Helen Rogers