Knowing the best romantic movies that don't suck is information every guy needs in his back pocket for that special date or movie night at home. This information is essential for every guy so he can rent a romantic movie that will melt the girls heart, but give the guy the humor and guns he want's most out of a movie.

  1. "An Officer and a Gentleman" - "An Officer and a Gentleman" was first seen in 1982. This classic shows a realism to love in life by providing a story filled with deception, suicide, fist fights, and sex. Richard Gere and Debra Winger provide an entertaining, and emotional portray of real love.

  2. "Casablanca" - "Casablanca" came out in 1942 filled with romance blooming during wartime. This couple friendly movie provides a timeless love story mixed in with the excitement of war and intrigue. Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman provide a real look of love lost in the middle of an old time Gin joint and the power of war.

  3. "The Notebook" -This romance far from sucks for couples because not only does it give women the heart pumping love story they crave, with a portray of the guy really being the good guy that all men need to see. "The Notebook" hit the theaters in 2004, and is still being watched daily.  Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams give couples a view of ignoring everyone and following their heart.

  4. "When Harry met Sally" - Guys will think this movie does not suck because it shows the thin line between love and hate. Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan provide a great comedic look at how hate can turn into love, and who does not love watching Meg Ryan having an orgasmic experience over lunch?  "When Harry met Sally" brought laughter to all couples in 1989.

  5. "The Brothers McMullen" - "Th Brothers McMullen" was first enjoyed in 1995. This romantic movie is filled with a number of love stories attached to each brother through marriage, fiance's, and ex-girlfriends. Edward Burns, Jack Mulcahy, and Mike McGlone entertain on the screen through a story filled with sex and lies, what could be better?

  6. "How To Loose a Guy in Ten Days" - This romantic comedy does not suck because it provides a love story that happens between two people driving each other to the point of insanity.  "How To Loose a Guy in Ten Days" exploded on the screen in 2003. Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson shows the real story in a relationship.

  7. "Just Friends" - "Just Friends" had couples everywhere laughing in 2005. "Just Friends" shows what happens when a friend becomes more, which always happens. Ryan Reynolds and Amy Smart experience the age old tale of finding a way to outgrow those overweight, geeky teenage memories in life.

  8. "There's Something about Mary" -  Couples won't think this great romance sucks because this film is filled with zipping up the family jewels on prom night to using a sticky solution for hair gel. Ben Stiller and Cameron Diaz heat up the screen in a love story that blooms despite all this. "There's Something about Mary" made couples everywhere laugh in 1998.

  9. "Pretty Woman" - "Pretty Woman" sizzled in 1990 with a story of the unlikely couple. Since every guy wants to see Julia Roberts as a hooker, this movie is every guys fantasy come true. Richard Gere and Julia Roberts give a heart felt portray of a love story being made out of a hooker, and the man who bought her.

  10. "The 40 Year Old Virgin" - Steve Carell and Catherine Keener endure an endless line of embarrassing situations to find love. Real life, real embarrassing moments, and the nerdy guy and hot chick make this a great romantic movie every one should see.