If you are a fan of the popular fantasy film "Beowulf," based on the old English poem, and wish to know about its characters, then you should know who the "Beowulf" characters are. "Beowulf" has a diverse list of characters, each of which are played by someone in the movie.

  1. Beowulf (played by Ray Winstone). Beowulf is the protagonist of the movie who fights the antagonist Grendel, his mother and a dangerous dragon. In his youth, he wishes to be a great hero, and his feats prove to the world that he is indeed a good ruler. When he ages, he proves to be an able ruler. He is the central character of the whole story.

  2. King Hrothgar (played by Anthony Hopkins). He is the king of the Danes and is a great ruler who enjoys great success until the monster Grendel terrorizes his kingdom. Wise, experienced and elderly, King Hrothgar represents a different type of ruler from the young, inexperienced warrior Beowulf--and is a sort of father figure to the latter character.

  3. Grendel (played by Crispin Glover). A demon that descended from Cain, Grendel is the antagonist in the story who preyed on King Hrothgar's warrior in his mead-hall, Heorot. His existence is a form of vengeance by God for Cain's murder of Abel, making his existence filled with ruthlessness and bitterness.

  4. Grendel's mother (played by Angelina Jolie). The demon Grendel's mother is a swamp hag with no name. She seems to possess less human qualities than Grendel, even though her bloodlust is due to her desire for vengeance, which is a distinct human emotion. She tries to seduce Beowulf throughout the story.

  5. The dragon - The dragon is an ancient and powerful beast that guards a horde of treasure. He plays a major character, and has a major fight with Beowulf during the climax of the movie.

- Amber Gilani