For those who appreciate philosophy or are interested in starting philosophical discussions, awesome philosophy movies are the perfect way to get things going. With a wide range of subject matter and genre, there will undoubtedly be something for everyone. The following is just a sample of awesome philosophy movies to start the discussions.

  1. “Fight Club” The plot for this 1999 action thriller seems relatively straight forward: an everyman with insomnia whose life couldn’t get any worse and a slippery soap salesmen meet and through a series of events form the Fight Club--a group that allows men to channel their boiling aggression and unleash it on each other. Adapted from the novel by Chuck Palahniuk, “The Fight Club” deals with the question of existence.  

  2. “The Trial” This is another film that dissects the meaning of life/one’s existence. This 1962 Orson Welles film is based on Franz Kafka’s novel and tells the story of office worker Josef K. who wakes up one morning to find himself arrested and on trial. However, he is never told what he is accused of and therefore can’t protest his innocence.  

  3. “Memento” A film that deals with reality and personal identity, “Memento” is considered to be one of director Christopher Nolan’s greatest films. Telling the story by utilizing two different storyline sequences, Leonard, a man who can no longer build  new memories, must find his wife’s killer using notes, tattoos and other people’s testimony. While one storyline moves forward, the other goes backward, revealing more and more each time.  

  4. “Dark City” Another film dealing with the nature of reality and identity, “Dark City” tells the story of John Murdoch, a man who awakens to discover a gruesomely mutilated body in a hotel room he doesn’t recognize. The sun never seems to shine in this dark world and John soon discovers that he can’t remember his past, even his beautiful wife. As he struggles to sort out his past, telekinetic beings known as The Strangers are close behind, seeking to take control of his mind.  

  5. “Being John Malkovich” This delicious black comedy by writer Charlie Kaufman is in fact a discourse on the nature of the soul. When a puppeteer randomly stumbles across a portal into the mind of actor John Malkovich, he finds that he can inhabit the body for fifteen minutes before he is dropped into a ditch near the New Jersey Turnpike. He then starts a business with his love interest to sell “trips” into Malkovich’s mind at $200 per visit.

-Sarah Sullivan