Avatar Soundtrack Song List

Monday, September 12 by Victoria Trix

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The breathtaking film, "Avatar," offers more than just its big screen visuals for entertainment as you can see with their "Avatar" soundtrack song list. This soundtrack is full of music from composer James Horner that is awe inspiring and very enjoyable.

“You Don't Dream in Cryo…” is the first song in the film on the "Avatar" soundtrack song list. It's a soothing melody  is reminiscent of the beautiful blue world Cameron created.

“Jake Enters his Avatar World” has a bit more upbeat instrumental than the first tune on the "Avatar" soundtrack song list.  It has a lovely mix of different instruments that pick up momentum making it possible for listeners to remember the scene from the film.

“Pure Spirits of the Forest” is a twinkling song that really does well to showcase some of the finest moments of James Cameron's groundbreaking film.

“The Bioluminescence of the Night” is a relaxing melody and one of the most enjoyable on the "Avatar" soundtrack song list. It is terrific to play while falling asleep because it can recreate a wonderful dream world.

“Becoming one of the People/ Becoming one With Neytiri” is one of the songs that has a fantastic assortment of instrumentals. They all come together to create a beautiful composition that is moving and lovely.

“Climbing up Iknimaya” creates just the right amount of momentum and tension to be enjoyable both while watching the film and just for listening pleasure. There are a lot of ups and downs in the song, along with many fine beats and rhythms. 

“Jake's First Flight” is one of the richest songs on the "Avatar" soundtrack song list.  It has exquisite rhythm and movement, making people of all age groups able to easily enjoy it.

“Scorched Earth” brings an eerie and emotional feel to the listener. It is easy to create images and stories to go along with the song and to see the scene as it happened in the film.   

“Quaritch” is a song on the "Avatar" soundtrack song list that really has a lot of motion to it. It's one of the many that lend themselves very easily to re-picturing the scene while simply enjoying the music. 

“The Destruction of Hometree” is a tune that is full of melancholy and woe  It makes a listener feel the devastation the Na'vi must have felt while witnessing the massive destruction of their most prized heirloom.

“Shutting Down Grace's Lab” is a piece that moves and has a lot of various aspects to it. It is very well done and can be enjoyed on many different occasions.

“Gathering all the Na'vi clans for Battle” is a fantastic blend of many different sounds on the "Avatar" soundtrack song list. It is enjoyable on different levels and lends itself well to the visuals of the film or the creative imaginings of listeners.

“War” is a crashing rhythm that inspires action and motivation. Composer James Horner did a fantastic job with all the songs on the soundtrack, but this is a favorite amongst many.

“I See You” (theme from "Avatar") is one of the only songs on the "Avatar" soundtrack song list that has lyrics. It is performed by Leona Lewis and is very inspiring.

– Melissa Brown

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