Asian mystery movies will have you dying to know whodunit. Asian cinema offers a myriad of mystery flicks, from South Korea to Japan. If you're a fan of mystery movies or just Asian cinema in general, be sure to get your hands on these films.

  1. "Into the White Night" (2009; South Korea): The murder of a pawnbroker who was just released from jail lands Detective Han Dong-su (Han Suk-Kyu) down an eerily familiar path: the crime is related to an unsolved case from fourteen years earlier, when a pawnbroker's wife had been suspected of murdering her husband. Being unable to solve the case back then, which lead to his demotion from the lead Inspector, Dong-su is determined to unravel the web surrounding both cases, but the truth turns out to be much more elusive and wilder than he ever imagined.

  2. "Suspect X" (2008; Japan): Manabu Yukawa (Masaharu Fukuyama), a brilliant physics professor, uses his abilities to assist Detective Kaoru (Kou Shibasaki) solve some of her most perplexing cases. However, a new suspect has committed a homicide with the perfect cover-up, even the professor can't immediately solve the case. "Suspect X" is full of wonderful twists and turns, as the professor closes in on one suspect only to be handed another.

  3. "Diary of June" (2005; South Korea): Two detectives, Chu Ja-young (Sin Eun-Kyung) and Kim Dong-wook (Eric Moon) have a spat of deat high school students on their hands, and to make matters worse, each victim has a diary scrap in their stomach.  The obvious suspect is the diary's author, June, another student, as the pieced-together entries describe each murder to a "t." There's just one problem: how did the entires get written before the victims died and still get all the details right?