The "American Gangster" soundtrack song list is the music that was used in the film. The film follows the life of Harlem drug mogul Frank Lucas. Most is not vintage, although some tunes are recreated by modern artists from the vintage originals.  The new music for the film was written and performed by some well-known modern singers, including Anthony Hamilton. The songs were produced by Hank Shocklee, formerly associated with Bomb Squad. 

  1. "Do You Feel Me?" This 2007 tune is the featured single of the film and the soundtrack. Artist Anthony Hamilton does the singing honors on this Diane Warren-penned  tune. 

  2. "Why Don't We Do It In the Road?" This 1968 Beatles tune, written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, is presented here by Lowell Fulsom. Fans of the Beatles' version should hold on when they hear the new rendition. 

  3. "Good Lovin'." The Rascals take this 1966 rocker home on the soundtrack. Arthur Resnick and Rudy Clark wrote the song. 

  4. "No Shoes." The original tune was John Lee Hooker's rendition. The original Hooker tune was released in 1960 and doesn't lose anything in this new mix. 

  5. "Across 110th Street." Bobby Womack introduced this song to the R&B world in 1972. Womack reintroduces it to film audiences in the "American Gangster" soundtrack. 

  6. "Only the Strong Survive." Kenny Gamble, sometimes using his full name Kenneth, wrote this tune in 1968, along with co-writers Leon Huff and Jerry Butler. Jerry Bulter performs the tune of the "American Gangster" soundtrack. 

  7. "Stone Cold." Another Anthony Hamilton tune here. The soundtrack tune brings the film to the modern era of music. 

  8. "Hold On, I'm Comin'." The singing duo Sam and Dave originally recorded this tune. Some are surprised to learn that musician, songwriter and singer Isaac Hayes, along with David Porter, penned this tune in 1966. 

  9. "I'll Take You There." The Staple Singers hit the charts in 1972 with this classic tune. This song was originally written by Al Bell under the alias "Alvertis Isbell." Get it? Not so much of a disguise. 

  10. "Can't Truss It." Public Enemy does the honors on this tune. The 1991 song was originally written by Chuck D., also known as Carlton Ridenhour, Gary G-Wiz, aka Gary Rinaldo and Hank Shocklee. 

  11. "Checkin' Up On My Baby." This classic tune is a well-known ditty by Sonny Boy Williamson, but done by Hank Shocklee. The 1965 tune also has a more hip hop feel than the original blues song. 

  12. "Club Jam." More song-stylings from Hank Shocklee on this tune. The original is a 2007 song release. More a mood piece to move the movie, the song still grooves. 

  13. "Railroad." Hank Shocklee here again on this blues tune. Another 2007 original release for this song. More Shocklee at his musical best. 

  14. "Nicky Barnes." Hank Shocklee brings the music on this blues-inspired tune. The song was released in 2007, the same copyright year for this tune. 

  15. "Frank Lucas." Marc Streintenfeld takes the production credit on this soundtrack song. This tune introduces the main character of the film. 

  16. "Ain't No Love In the Heart of the City." This tune is on the movie soundtrack, but doesn't appear on any of the soundtrack albums or CDs. The original tune is by Bobby Bland, sometimes referred to as Bobby "Blue" Bland. 

  17. "Guess Things Happen That Way." A classic tune from 1958, written by Jack Clement and sung by Johnny Cash, adds contrast to the more modern tunes on the soundtrack. The arrangement is by Nola Leone.