Adultery movies can fall into a lot of different categories. It’s actually very common for the theme of adultery to pop up as a motivating factor in many stories. Some movies are directly focused on adultery and its consequences on people’s lives, while other use it as a pivotal event that changes how a story unfolds.

  1. “Match Point” – This Woody Allen thriller is very dark compared to most adultery movies. It shows how infidelity can easily lead to murder.

  2. “Excalibur” – Many people may not realize that most stories about King Arthur are also centered on adultery, because it is a pivotal motivation in the story. Lancelot and Guinevere’s betrayal of Arthur is critical in setting up the final act.

  3. “Dial M for Murder” – This adultery movie is considered one of Alfred Hitchcock’s best films. This is another film where adultery eventually leads someone to contemplate murder.

  4. “Fatal Attraction” – This was one of the most famous adultery movies of its time. The story is about a business man who cheats on his wife with a woman who ends up being unstable and dangerous.

  5. “Eyes Wide Shut” – This Stanley Kubrick picture deals with a man who has decided to cheat on his wife. He encounters many adventures, dangers, and frustrations in his quest.

  6. “Barry Lyndon” – This is another Stanley Kubrick film where adultery plays a central role. It tells the story of a roguish man who is constantly involving himself with other men’s wives among other misadventures. 

  7. “The Crucible” – This story about the Salem witch trials uses adultery as a backdrop for the entire event. The main characters are a man who cheated on his wife with a servant girl, and the servant girl herself, who causes a literal witch-hunt. The fact of their adultery helps set up films jarring conclusion.

  8. “Indecent Proposal” – This adultery movie caused quite a stir in the media when it came out. It’s about a man who offers a huge amount of money to a couple for the chance to sleep with the wife.

  9. “The Graduate” – This is one of the most enjoyable adultery movies ever created. It’s about a college age guy who ends up in a sexual tryst with the wife of his dad’s close friend.

  10. “The Scarlet Letter” – This is one of the best adultery movies, and it's also a literary classic. The story is about a woman who has sex with a man after she learns of her husband’s death, only to discover that he wasn’t actually killed, and so she technically committed adultery. It’s set in the 1600s, and the social mores of the time play a big role in the story.