Big egos, and big cases consume the plots of these action-packed lawyer movies. The principle characters are all big time lawyers who get wrapped up in complicated cases. High-energy trials, or high-energy cat and mouse games is what makes all these movies action-packed. The plots all differ, but seeking truth and justice is a common thread. All of the action-packed lawyer movies listed below are great drama based thrillers.

  1. "Primal Fear." An alter boy is accused of murdering a priest in this action-packed lawyer movie. Hot shot defense attorney Martin Vail takes on the case to defend the accused murderer named Aaron. During the trial secrets are revealed about the priest, and Aaron, making the case complicated. The action-packed lawyer movie has an unforgettable twist ending that will leave you in disbelief.

  2. "The Client." This action-packed lawyer movie starts with a young boy witnessing the suicide of a Louisiana lawyer who represents a mafia hit-man. Before the lawyer kills himself, he tells the young boy Mark incriminating information about the mob. A high powered lawyer wants to use Mark as a witness to take down the mob, which starts a chain reaction of the mob trying to track down and murder the young boy. This lawyer movie is based on the John Grisham novel with the same name.

  3. "A Few Good Men." The dramatic courtroom thriller is about a Navy lawyer's first trial, which happens to be a murder case. The action-packed lawyer movie revolves around two marines being accused of murdering a colleague, and the trial that ensues. As the story unfolds, high ranking officials are  accused of having an indirect hand in the murder. The entire courtroom trial is action-packed, including the scene when Col. Nathan R. Jessep shouts out the memorable line, "You want the truth? You can't handle the truth!"

  4. "The Devil's Advocate." A small town lawyer with big aspirations gets the opportunity to join a powerful law firm. This action-packed movie revolves around the main character trying to get a grip on his new found life. While watching "The Devil's Advocate" you soon realize nothing, is what it seems to be.

  5. "Michael Clayton." This action-packed lawyer movie starts with Michael Clayton's car exploding. Clayton, a well known, yet burnt out, lawyer would have been killed in the explosion if he hadn' taken a spur of the moment walk. The movie then switches gears to four days prior to the attempted murder of Clayton, and takes audiences through what led up to the explosion. The entire movie is filled with entertaining twists and turns that will keep you intrigued the entire film.