Choosing only five of "A Few Good Men" quotes is difficult because there are so many to choose from. "A Few Good Men" was a movie made in 1992 starring Tom Cruise. This film was extremely adventurous and drama-filled. There were many lines during the film that made you laugh, cry and be serious. Overall, the quotes are some of the best in a film.


  1. Col. Jessep: "You can't handle the truth!" This is one of the most remembered and overused quotes from this movie. This quote literally made this movie what it is was and made many remember it for years to come. This quote was said to Kaffee when the truth was asked for.

  2. Kaffee: "Oh spare me the psychobabble father bullshit." This quote was said by Kaffee to the father. This quote was funny and serious at the same time. This demonstrated the relationship that Kaffee and the father had in this movie.

  3. Col. Jessep: "What do you want to discuss now? My favorite color?" This was one of those quotes in the movie that made things a little less serious and more lighthearted. This quote made many viewers laugh because they could relate to the situation that Jessep was in at that moment in time.

  4. Kaffee: "Oh, I forgot. You were sick the day they taught law at law school." One doesn't even have to watch the film "A Few Good Men" to find this quote funny. This quote was said in the court room in a sarcastic tone that made the viewers understand Kaffee's character better.

  5. Kaffee: "So, this is what a courtroom looks like." Again this is a quote from "A Few Good Men" that you'd have to hear in context to understand. This was actually a hilarious quote in the movie from Kaffee. If you just read it, it doesn't sound funny, but in the context of the story, Kaffee is being sarcastic to those around the courtroom in this scene.