"A Clockwork Orange," Stanley Kubrick's dystopian sci-fi masterpiece of a violent future that reflected greatly on the present, is a classic film defined by its many memorable "A Clockwork Orange" quotes. Phrases like "ultraviolence" from "A Clockwork Orange" have made their way into the cultural lexicon. Here are some of the most memorable "A Clockwork Orange" quotes from the film.

  1. "Ready for a bit of the old ultraviolence." This, from the first lines of lead character Alex (Malcolm McDowell), helps to define what the film will be about; youth gone wrong and addicted to the theatrical violence to follow. This is probably the most famous of all "A Clockwork Orange" quotes, with "ultraviolence" being the word associated with the film and now, with senseless youth violence throughout the world.

  2. "Initiative comes to thems that wait." Another quote from Alex, narrating, shows the irony of the film's lazy youth only motivated by opportunities for violence. Since waiting and initiative counter one another, it is one of the most clever "A Clockwork Orange" quotes, showing the sensibility of dark humor that inhabits the disturbing film.

  3. "And the first thing that flashed into my gulliver was that I'd like to have her right down there on the floor with the old in-out, real savage." This quote, another from Alex, takes place during the film's iconic and disturbing rape scene, the scene that helped to get the film banned in the United Kingdom for years. This "A Clockwork Orange" quote and scene are often brought up by people who say the film glorifies its sexual violence, making it elegant and cool, but the truth of the matter is that Alex's self-awareness shows that the film does not condone his actions.

  4. "Oh bliss! Bliss and heaven! It was gorgeousness and gorgeousity made flesh!" This "A Clockwork Orange" quote is uttered as Alex listens to Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, showing that the character so known for his senseless violence also recognizes beauty. It is a strange moment in the film, one that viewers can interpret in a number of ways.

  5. "Eggiwegs! I would like...to smash them!" This final "A Clockwork Orange" quote sums up Alex's worldview in a nut (or egg) shell. He sees eggs, and wants to smash them. This is how he is, and he cannot be changed.