With an unwavering look behind the scenes of a label responsible for many great musicians, the "Cadillac Records" soundtrack song list provides music that stays eternal. Some songs come and go but others take on the mantle of a classic and stand strong through the test of time. Get swept up with these classics and original songs with this sampling:

"No Particular Place to Go". Mos Def brings his recognizable voice but allows his normal cadence to adapt to this rousing song. "No Particular Place to Go" is a rock song that needs individuality and it gets that with Mos Def stretching himself in new directions vocally to catch up to the fire that's in this song. His lower registry gives an added power to the guitars along with steady support to the lyrics. Enjoy the surprise when he fires up the tempo and crashes into the chorus in this "Cadillac Records" song.

"Forty Days and Forty Nights".  Buddy Guy didn't get handed his legend status, instead he did it the old fashioned way and fought for it. His guitar isn't a part of the song; it's a part of his persona. Bringing the biblical expression to love lost, "Forty Days and Forty Nights" shows off his guitar work as well as his commitment to making his feelings fully explored and laid out for the listener. Let his voice take you over as you both struggle against the sorrow that comes from a broken heart with this "Cadillac Records" classic song.

"6 O'Clock Blues". A gentle plea can be as powerful as a rage filled rant and this is apparent in "6 O'Clock Blues". Solange delivers a song that feels timeless and could fit anywhere in the last sixty years seamlessly. With a soft soulful rhythm that wraps itself around your like an old favorite T-shirt, you'll soon be mesmerized. Solange doesn't step anywhere near her older sister Beyonce's shadow with this song, instead she crafts an intimate moment with her voice that feels like a table for two in a shadow filled restaurant where it's just two people sharing a time and place that could last forever.

"I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man". Jeffrey Wright pulls off an excellent Muddy Waters both in presence and song. Feel the supernatural power of the magic and superstition in "I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man" as the music builds a dark swamp filled with mysticism all around you. Let the vocals be your guiding lantern as you meander through this swamp, finding the power that lies in the murky waters of this classic "Cadillac Records" song. It's hard to beat an original but "Cadillac Records" chose perfectly in Jeffrey Wright to make the effort to come close.

"Let's Take a Walk". Vibrant and plucky, "Let's Take a Walk" puts a grin on your face and extra length to your stride.  Raphael Saadiq's short punctuated words add to the staccato motion that this song carries through from start to finish. A "Cadillac Records" song that shouldn't ever leave your play list due to its ability to lift a bad mood or sustain a good mood. Regain your momentum with this track and don't let any obstacle remain unclimbed when you carry this song in your head and heart. A perfect "Cadillac Records" song for the grey days and the days where the blue skies stretch as far as the eye can see.