For those of you who have not read the book and are anxiously awaiting the movies release, here is a Breaking Dawn summary. This is the fourth movie in the Twilight saga based on the books, written by Stephanie Meyer. Both the books and the movies are a huge hit. The first part of Breaking Dawn is expected to come out in November 2011.

At Bella and Edwards wedding, there are no fights that break out between werewolf and vampire like would be expected. After the wedding, Bella and Edward go to Isle Esme for their honeymoon. Bella makes Edward hold true to his promise that they be together as man and wife before she is to be turned into a vampire. Edward is worried that he will lose control and bite Bella, but manages to keep himself under some control and instead breaks the headboard and tears up some pillows.

After only a few days after being together, Bella realizes they are expecting a baby. Edward is horrified. He quickly calls Carlisle who instructs them to return home as soon as possible to remedy the situation. It is thought that if Bella were to keep the baby, it would kill her. However Bella has other plans. Before returning home she calls Rosalie.

Rosalie helps Bella explain that this is her only chance to have a baby and that there is a way to keep both her and the baby from harm. No one is happy about this decision, but they are forced to go along with it. Throughout the very short pregnancy, Bella is plagued with problems. The baby is killing her but no one knows what to do. Bella is about to lose her fight when Jacob makes a joke that gives Edward an idea. He gives Bella some warmed blood which calms the baby down. When the baby is ready to make her arrival, she starts to tear out of Bella. Before Bella loses her fight to the baby, they cut the baby out, and Edward is forced to try to save Bella the only way he knows how, turn her into a vampire. He waits for her to awaken a new Bella.

After a long painful process, Bella awakens to find everyone waiting for her. At first she is not sure what to make of what she is seeing. Everything is new to her. She learns that her baby Renesme is fine and perfectly healthy with a special gift of her own. Only a few days old, she is able to communicate with others by simply looking into their eyes.

Now the Volturi are once again coming. The Cullens know they are in for the fight of their lives. They all go their seperate ways to find help. With the help of several different vampire covens, they begin to train, and Bella learns that she has a very unique gift of her own. She is a shield. She can extend a forcefield out and around her for protection. That is why Edward could not read her mind. Armed with this knowledge, they realize Bella is the key to protecting them all during the fight.

Both sides gear up for what is expected to be the biggest battle. Bella is there with her shield up and ready. The Volturi demand that the child vampire (Renesme) be destroyed, as she is sure to become an evil monster. Of course, they refuse. At the last minute Alice and Emmett show up with a suprise of their own. A half vampire half human. He was older and healthy and not a monster at all. Once they show proof that it is possible for this breed to be happy healthy and no threat to anyone, the Volturi have no choice but to leave the Cullens alone. At least for now.