Learn about 5 dramatic baseball movies so you won't miss a single homerun. Baseball movies can be as entertaining as the game itself. Watching the behind the scenes events that lead up to a ball game can make for great suspense and tell a story that we might never know. Some of these dramatic baseball movies are fictional and some are based on true stories of real baseball players and teams.

  1. "Pride of the Yankees." This 1942 biographical baseball movie is the story of baseball great Lou Gehrig. Gary Cooper, Babe Ruth and Teresa Wright starred in it. In this biography of the life of Lou Gehrig on and off the baseball field, Gary Cooper portrays Gehrig and Babe Ruth plays himself.

  2. "The Natural." This 1984 dramatic baseball movie has stood the test of time. Robert Redford, Robert Duvall and Glenn Close starred in this sports drama set in the 1930s. A middle-aged man gets a second chance to play major league baseball in this drama.

  3. "Eight Men Out." This 1988 baseball movie was based on the true story of the Chicago White Sox scandal of 1919. John Cusack, Clifton James and Michael Lerner starred in it. In 1919, the Chicago White Sox baseball team took bribes to lose the World Series on purpose. This baseball movie was historically accurate in its depiction of this scandal.

  4. "Bull Durham." This 1988 dramatic baseball movie is a behind the scenes look at a minor league team. Susan Sarandon, Kevin Costner and Tim Robbins starred in this baseball movie. A local woman has an affair with one of the boys of summer each season.

  5. "Field of Dreams." This 1989 dramatic baseball movie is a popular movie that contains elements of fantasy and drama. Kevin Costner, James Earl Jones and Ray Liotta starred in it. A farmer builds a baseball field in his Iowa cornfield and the old greats like Shoeless Joe Jackson come to play ball. "If you build it, they will come" is a popular line from the movie.