For those who want to watch some frightful romance, check out these 5 best vampire love movies. The following films contain both bloodsucking scenes and love stories. The “Twilight” series has been excluded from the list in place of more adult-geared vampire films.

  1. “Underworld” Kate Beckinsale dons a skintight cat suit to play a sleek and sexy vampire warrior. When she meets and falls for a werewolf, warfare commences between the opposing supernatural creatures. Though it may sound like “Twilight,” this vampire love movie is inspired more by “Romeo and Juliet.”

  2. “Bram Stoker’s Dracula” Francis Ford Coppola’s take on Dracula has him terrorizing a town in pursuit of a woman who resembles his lost love. This more twisted vampire love movie contains both gore and Gothic romance.

  3. “Interview with the Vampire” Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise head a terrific cast of French aristocratic vampires who seek victims on a nightly basis. Although there isn’t one main love story in the film, several different relationships are presented throughout between the vampires, making this a good vampire love movie.

  4. “Let the Right One In” This Swedish vampire love movie has recently been remade into English. The original movie tells the story of a young, alienated boy who falls into the company of another fellow loner: a young girl who turns out to be a centuries old vampire.

  5. “The Hunger” This untraditional ‘70s vampire love movie stars David Bowie and Susan Sarandon as part of a vampire love triangle. An ancient female vampire attempts to hire a scientist to stop her lover from aging, but she ends up falling for the scientist as well.