The 5 best thriller movies of 2006 serve up an excellent dose of excitement, drama, action stunts, and sex appeal. The year 2006 delivered some of the genre's finest. Check out some of these flicks when you’re in the mood for a cheap evening thrill.

  1. "V for Vendetta" "V" is a courageous one-man wrecking crew who attempts to challenge and undermine the despotic government that rules his country. He finds an able partner in a young woman he rescues from the shadowy police force. The visual effects are stunning and the story will keep you on the edge of your seat.

  2. "The Da Vinci Code" A Symbologist discovers clues in the paintings of Leonardo Da Vinci that may unravel a mystery and shine the light on a vast religious conspiracy. Based upon the blockbuster book of the same name, this movie takes the viewer on a fun ride full of twist and turns. A great thriller movie to enjoy with popcorn.

  3. "Deja Vu" A hardened ATF agent travels back in time to prevent a woman from being murdered. In the process, the agent falls in love with the deceased woman, significantly complicating the issue. A strange, but fun movie full of action and suspense.

  4. "Lucky Number Slevin" Slevin is in the wrong place at the wrong time. Two warring crime organizations have mistaken him for someone else, and he is forced right into the middle of the violence. Meanwhile, a detective and assassin are in hot pursuit. What ensues is an action-packed adventure with many close calls.

  5. "The Prestige" Two famed magicians with an ax to grind attempt to show up each other by coming up with more amazing tricks than the other one. As competition heats up, the rival takes a turns dangerous and dark secrets are uncovered. An intriguing and spellbinding thriller.