The 5 best Taiwanese dramas may surprise you. The Taiwanese offer numerous great movies for the movie lover. Dramas are among the top offering from Taiwan. These five dramas offer all that American’s have come to expect in exceptional cinema.

  1. “Tian Shi Qing Ren" (Angel Lover) 2006: In this drama the main character Angelina is beside herself. A man comes into her life to mend her broken heart but as quickly as he appeared he was gone. She later discovers that the man was an angel and had taught her how to love again.

  2. "Huan Xi Lai Dou Zhen” (Your Home is My Home) 2007: Two families living with a 150 year old curse due to a break-up. Move forward to modern times, can the sons and daughters of toda break the curse or will it just incite another Hatfield and McCoy’s type family feud?

  3. “Ai Jiu Zhai Yi Qi” (ToGetHer) 2009:Once a mega star, Mars has fallen on hard times. He rents an apartment from a peculiar but attractive woman. He soon falls for her and realizes that the apartment complex he is living in is filled with all sorts of odd tenants.

  4. “Xin Xing De Lei Guang” (Starlit) 2009: Is a heartbreaking story about two established musicians. One is incapacitated and can no longer play. The other, heartbroken, gives up her career to be by his side. The two travel and discover there is more to life than music.

  5.  “Yi Tian Tu Long Ji " (The Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre) 2003: This is a world wind thriller is set in the fourteenth century. Martial arts sects are starting rebel against a tyrant government. The drama series chronicles the struggles between the common people and a defiant Shaolin monk and the Chinese government.