It takes more than hot ladies going at it to make a list of the five best lesbian drama movies. You need heart, sensitivity, integrity, and yes, even a little gratuity when its the right two women. For the good, the bad, and even the girly, here’s a list to enjoy:

  1. “High Art”(1998). Esteemed director Lisa Cholodenko directs this indie movie about independent women leading complicated and not-so-neat lives. Less about the idea of lesbianism and more about how people chose to live their lives, it makes the list of the five best lesbian drama movies because it attempts to examine people’s lives as art. And as the saying, or something like it, goes, it’s art imitating life, or life imitating art. Either way, truth is stranger than fiction.

  2. “Bound”(1996). Okay, so most guys think lesbians are hot. When they’re played by Gina Gershon and Meg Tilley they are. This film carries a sense of cool about it as they parade around in black leather. Less a story about the struggles of sexuality, its main plot involves them committing a crime.

  3. “Boys Don’t Cry”(1999). This is a gender bending biopic about Teena Brandon, or Brandon Teena, depending on how you look at it. It's the story of a true-life Nebraska youth killed because of her sexual orientation. Hilary Swank turned in an Academy Award winning performance as the troubled Genetic Girl who identified as a man and fell in love with another woman. It could be a lesbian drama or it could be a transgender drama, but the real issue is the importance people place on labels. Addressing that issue is what makes this one of the five best lesbian drama movies.

  4. “Monster”(2003). Charlize Theron put away the make-up and got all the way ugly for this role. The effort paid off in an Academy Award for Best Actress. In denial of her sexuality and plagued with a host of internal issues the least of which is her sexuality, Aileen Wournos, aka the title character, is actually saved from her demons by the love and caring of Christina Ricci’s character. It is this simple human connection that one person finds in another that allows this to be called one of the best lesbian drama movies.

  5. “Better than Chocolate”(1999). This movie is about a woman who meets another woman and begins having a lesbian affair. She has to put the brakes on the affair when her mother and brother move into her apartment. The ensuing drama also makes for great comedy.