It is not hard to find the 5 best Korean love movies because the world has fallen in love with their sad and sweet love stories. You do not need to understand the Korean language itself to watch a beautiful love movie. The English sub-titles make it easy to follow the story and dialogues of the movies.

  1. "The Classic" is two love stories in one movie. It tells the love stories of a mother and daughter. Son Ye-jin makes "The Classic" one of the best Korean love movies because she stars as both the mother and daughter. The mother love story has a happy ending told with the use of flashbacks.

  2. "A Millionaire’s First Love" is a one of the classic 'older rich guy falls for a pretty girl' Korean love movies. It is a sad movie with the girl dying at the end of the movie. However, The man makes her happy for the remain days of her life.

  3. "My Sassy Girl" gained world-wide attention as one of the best Korean love movies and made into an English movie. The film is true story based on a series of love letters by Kim Ho-sik who posted them on the Internet and eventually turned into a book.

  4. "A Moment to Remember" is a sad love story about a girl developing Alzheimer’s disease and one of the most moving Korean love movies you will watch. Even though she finally forgets everything and everyone she loved, her husband stands by her side. Her memory loss is slow at the beginning of the film and as the movie develops, her memory loss accelerates.

  5. "Sad Movie" tells the love story of four couples. It is a sad movie filled with pain and tears for the couples. All the couples, two lovers, a pair of fiances, and a couple of strangers are strangely connected in the movie. It is one of the saddest and best Korean love movies you will every watch.