Are you looking for the 5 best Korean dramas of 2008? If you are, check out this review for the answers. Korea offers much in the way of television and cinema. Korea is quickly becoming an international contender for global audiences. Look over these five offerings of Korean dramas and decide for yourself.

  1. “White Lies” Is a long-running Korean drama and one of the most popular ongoing series on Korean television. The story follows a woman, Eun Young, who was to be married to Kang Jung Woo only to have him leave her for a rich woman named Na. 

  2. “Innocent You” is a long-standing drama about two families and their dark secrets. This is a classic tale about a man and a woman from different sides of the track that fall in love. Their relationship puts pressure on their families and is the root of many conflicts.

  3. “I Love You, Don’t Cry” is a drama about a couple in love, but the man has his son dropped off from a previous relationship and she isn’t having it. The two break up, but are still in love. The drama unfolds as the two struggles with his new responsibilities as a father and their life together. "I Love You, Don't Cry" is a true soap opera fit for an American audience.

  4. “Temptation Wife” is about a marriage you wouldn't dream up since the wife in the relationship is an open flirt. The scenario makes for some trust issues and fireworks since the wife has an insatiable taste for flirting and her jealous husband isn’t exactly an angel himself.

  5. “Love Marriage” Lee Kang Hyun is in the business of setting up divorcees on dates, a sort of after-the-fact matchmaker for those deserving a second chance. He, however, falls for one of the girls he is trying to setup. Makes for some fun romantic drama.