Do you want to check out the 5 best India thrillers? In the Indian Bollywood cinema tradition, these movies are filled with complex musical numbers and beautiful costumes. Read on for the list of the best thrillers from India:

  1. "New York" This Indian thriller is about a taxi driver named Omar in the United States who is wrongly accused of terrorism. In order to prove his innocence to Homeland Security, he must embark on a secret mission to expose his best friend Samir, who is suspected to be the leader of a secret terrorist group. Can Omar save himself and his friend? Find out in this dramatic, thrilling musical, which was nominated for a Golden Pyramid Award at the Cairo International Film Festival.

  2. "Sholay" This thrilling Indian film has comedic elements as well. A police officer whose family was murdered recruits two convicts to help him get revenge against the killer. They must deliver him alive to the police officer, but they encounter a great deal of dangerous obstacles along the way. This movie was named the best picture in 50 years of Indian cinema by the Filmfare Awards.

  3. "Om Shanti Om" In this musical thriller from India, an aspiring actor named Om is murdered in the 1970s and reincarnated in the present day. He goes on a dangerous quest to find the love of his previous life, Shanti, who he rescued from a fire but is now married to someone else. The movie was nominated for a staggering ten Filmfare Awards, including Best Director and Best Film.

  4. "Don" In this Indian crime thriller, a simple man named Vijay is called upon by the police to impersonate the leader of an international drug trade. But when the officer he is working with is killed, he must fight for his life and prove his innocence. This movie was nominated for Filmfare Awards for Best Actor, Best Film and Best Music.

  5. "Ghajini" This Indian crime thriller is the story of a student whose life becomes endangered after she warns an innocent man that a crazed recluse is out to murder him. Fans on the American thriller "Memento" will recognize that this movie is loosely based on the same concept. The movie won three Filmfare awards and was nominated for several more, including Best Film.