The five best crime shooters are films loaded with action and suspense. In some cases, the protagonist is a rogue law enforcer, sticking more to his guns than to his obligation to the law. In other instances, the protagonist is a fugitive on the run, holding a gun in one hand and a sack of green in the other.

  1. "Pulp Fiction" Quentin Tarantino’s infamous crime shooter “Pulp Fiction” debuted in 1994. The plot weaves several stories and then ties them together in a witty, violent mix. The film features many popular actors, such as John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson and Uma Thurman.

  2. "Sin City" Frank Miller wrote and directed this 2005 crime shooter. The plot ties together three violent stories from Frank Miller’s original graphic novel series. The film appears mostly in black and white, imitating the noir film style. Bruce Willis, Jessica Alba and Mickey Rourke are just a few of the talented actors who appear in “Sin City.”

  3. "No Country for Old Men" “No Country for Old Men” is a crime flick based on a novel by Cormac McCarthy. Throughout the plot, Sheriff Ed Tom Bell, played by Tommy Lee Jones, is on the trail of Anton Chigurh, a philosophical hit man. This film won numerous awards, including four Oscars in 2008.

  4. "Lucky Number Slevin" This crime shooter debuted in 2006. The plot revolves around a case of mistaken identity, a mysterious assassin and two warring crime bosses. Josh Hartnett, Bruce Willis and Lucy Liu star in this film, directed be Paul McGuigan. 

  5. "Public Enemies" Michael Mann's crime shooter debuted in 2009. Johnny Depp plays John Dillinger, the notorious back robber from the 1930s. Melvin Purvis, played by Christian Bale, has promised to bring the fugitive to justice.