If you're looking to find the 5 best African thrillers ever made, you may find the following five selections quite thrilling. Africa is one continent that fancies some of the world's most exotic landscapes and elements. It has often been believed that Africa is where all human life on earth originated and it's no wonder that people call Africa the motherland. The following African thrillers make fantastic use of its setting, be it science fiction, a jungle adventure or an engaging tale of dictatorship.

  1. "The Last King of Scotland" No African thriller comes as close as "The Last King of Scotland," a film that tells the tale of a young physician in Uganda who soon finds himself working beneath Idi Amin (Forest Whitaker), a vicious dictator. Forest Whitaker's performance is incredibly amazing and he won an Oscar for Best Actor.

  2. "Hotel Rwanda" Based on a true story, "Hotel Rwanda" stars Don Cheadle in the role on Paul Rusesabagina, the manager of a hotel who set out to save hundreds of lives during a deadly genocide in the motherland of Africa. Don Cheadle is absolutely breathtaking in this African thriller.

  3. "Blood Diamond" In this African thriller, Leonardo DiCaprio sports a South American accent as he plays a mercenary who teams up with a local African fisherman (Djimon Hounsou) to help him find his son, who has been kidnapped by rebels, and retrieve a precious diamond. Meanwhile, an American reporter (played by Jennifer Connelly) chronicles the conflict of the civil war in Africa and how the diamonds play a big role.

  4. "District 9" Not only is this a stunning African thriller, but it is also a mind-blowing science-fiction film. "District 9" presents a unique take on the extraterrestrial genre, depicting the aliens to something akin to illegal immigrants, ones who have crash landed on an African city. This is a fine African thriller and sci-fi film all rolled into one.

  5. "Congo" Based on the Michael Crichton novel of the same name, "Congo" follows an expedition team deep into the jungles of Africa to investigate the death of one of the member's fiance, but they soon find themselves getting more than what they bargained for. "Congo" is a classic example of the jungle adventure story.