These five 2009 best crime feature films boast some of today’s brightest stars. Crime makes up a good portion of the movie genre. It is one area that has always fascinated and the crime genre can cross over into so many other genres. These five crime feature films are great movies and come highly recommended.

  1. “Public Enemies” Jonny Depp stars as one of America’s most beloved criminal, John Derringer. This film is all; about crime and the legacy of Derringer. This movie pits the FBI against Derringer and two other fabled gangsters. This is a very riveting film with plenty of action and drama.

  2. “State of Play” In this crime drama a pair of reporters along with the police try and solve a murder. The woman murdered is the mistress of a very influential congressman, which makes the outcome a bit more intriguing. This heady crime thriller stars the sexy Rachael McAdams and some guy named Russell Crowe.

  3. “The Informant” Matt Damon plays a bumbling informant tapped buy the Government to bring down a big agri-business. This is a crime genre movie crossed with some slapstick humor. This crime film is a riot and one of Damon’s best performances.

  4. “Brooklyn’s Finest” This movie is set in Brownsville in Brooklyn, notorious for crime and hardened individuals. The movie centers on three cops, each with a distinctive outlook and issues. This movie takes a very dark, violent and devastating movie, which looks deep into crime and those who fight against it.

  5. “Vengeance” This dark and violent crime film is noir film developed in China. The movie centers on a man whose family is murdered by four men in cold blood. It documents his struggles to locate the men and exact his revenge. Great direction and nicely written crime movie.