Edge-of-your-seat action and sexual titillation define these 10 sexy thriller movies. These fun flicks are sure to satisfy that basic need for thrilling suspense and hot bodies, while leaving viewers itching for more.

  1. "Basic Instinct" Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone star in this erotic thriller with that packs a big punch. Nick Curran (Michael Douglas) is caught in the sexual web of Catherine Tramell (Sharon Stone) while investigating the murder of Tramell's partner. Suspense and drama ensue as Curran attempts to unravel the mystery of this killing (and others), while confronting the idea that Tramell may not be so innocent. Sharon Stone displays maximum sex appeal in her breakout role.

  2. "Body Heat" In this steamy classic, William Hurt stars as lawyer manipulated by a sexy socialite (Kathleen Turner) with plans to execute her husband with Hurt's help. The sexual chemistry between the two characters makes this one believable and intriguing. Kathleen Turner is on fire in her role as the conniving seductress. Shot in the timeless film noir tradition, this one shouldn't be missed.

  3. "Vanilla Sky" A metaphysical, sexy thriller with plenty of  sex appeal. Tom Cruise plays a publishing magnate that garners the affection of two beautiful women played by Cameron Diaz and Penelope Cruze. There are steamy scenes with both women and plenty of thrills in this wonderfully strange movie.

  4. "Wild Things" Wild Things is a sleazy thriller with the trappings of depraved flick. Matt Dillon is high school teacher accused of sexual misconduct. When an investigator (Kevin Bacon) looks into things he finds they are more twisted than first thought. Denise Richards and Neve Campbell play two young seductresses in this hot thriller.

  5. "Original Sin" A fun, twisting movie starring a coffee tycoon (Antonio Banderous) and his mail order bride (Angelina Jolie). Antonio's character is manipulated by a sexy Jolie who has her eyes set on his money. This one is filled with sexual chemistry and plenty of nudity. A winding and wacky plot that shows many characteristics of a good sexy thriller.

  6. "Unfaithful" Diane Lane plays a cheating wife in this suspenseful and sexy thriller. Her husband (Richard Gere) is in the dark and can only guess what his conniving wife is up to. Lane falls for charm of a French suitor and battles both the passion for him and the love for her husband. Filled with with plenty of suspense and sexy tension, this one is a must-see for fans of the genre. 

  7. "Entrapment" This is a fun and clever movie involving a retired robber (Sean Connery) and the fraud investigator (Catherine Zeta-Jones) attempting to get dirt on him. As it would turn out, Zeta-Jones is a cunning thief herself and the two ignite a passionate love affair as they become partners in crime.

  8. "A Perfect Murder" Michael Douglas and Gwyneth Paltrow star as husband and wife in this movie about love, sex, infidelity, and homicidal revenge. This one has many elements of a engaging, sexy thriller.

  9. "Showgirls" A sexy and seedy movie set in the underbelly of Sin City. Nomi Malone (Elizabeth Berkley) is an aspiring showgirl who must start off in the lower rungs of sex industry to work her way up. She befriends Cristal (Gina Gershon) who is a well established showgirl. Consumed by envy, Nomi embarks on a competitive crusade to move up the ranks and best Nomi. This one is filled with sexy and seductive scenes, along with plenty of drama.

  10. "Sliver" Sharon Stone is a divorcee playing the field with three different men. One of whom may just be a serial killer. She attempts to unravel some dark secrets while partaking in her boy toys. Themes of voyeurism and dangerous sex permeate this sensual and sexy thriller.