Are you searching for 10 sexy romantic movies? Well, great! This article will provide you with a list of the sexiest romantic movies voted by various sources around the web. There is just something about a romantic movie with the right amount of humor and sex appeal to get you in that fuzzy, warm, romantic mood. These movies are great to watch with your lover or by yourself!

  1. "40 Year Old Virgin" If you are looking for raunchy humor, a love story and some great comedy in-between, this is the movie for you. Andy is a 40-year-old man search for the love of his life. Along the way, his co-workers find out he is a virgin and tries to get him laid. In the end, he finds the love he is looking for.

  2. "Zack and Miri Make a Porno" The title gives this movie away, but not before catching your attention. Zack and Miri live together as friends. However, they need to come up with rent money and decide to make a porn movie. Along the way they discover their true feelings for each other.

  3. "There's Something About Mary" This movie is hilarious and romantic at the same time. "There's Something About Mary" has some intimate, sexy moments, but it also has amazingly hilarious moments. It's definitely a movie for couples.

  4. "Knocked Up" In a weird way, this movie can be very sexy and romantic. Allison and Ben have a one night stand after a night at the bar and she ends up pregnant. Along the way, they decide to keep the baby and try to make their relationship work. While they work through things, they find they really do in fact love each other. 

  5. "Wild Things" This movie is seriously sexy and scandalous. When a sexy couple decides to murder a girl for a setup, they have to pretend they are both interested in an intimate relationship with this girl. They end up murdering her, only be to haunted by the murder and cover-up.

  6. "The Girl Next Door" When a new girl moves into town, a seriously geeky guy falls in love with her, only to find out this girl next door was an adult movie star. While attendin high school, he tries to find a way to make this sexy girl fall in love with him. Little does he know, she already is in love with him.

  7. "Cruel Intentions" This is a very sexy, intense movie. A step-sister and her step-brother make a bet to deflower the new rich girl at their private college. When the step-brother starts to fall in love, the step-sister will do anything she can to get his attention back on her.

  8. "Unfaithful" When a wife and her husband seem to have problems, she has an affair with an exotic, sensual man. She becomes so obsessed with the affair and her new lover that she will do anything to keep him. This is a steamy movie that will make you blush and want more.

  9. "Showgirls" This movie is steamy, sexy and very intense. A group of showgirls want to make it to the top and each girl will do anything possible to make sure nothing stands in their way.

  10. "American Pie" Nothing is sexier than a romantic comedy that has crude, sexual humor and plenty of strip scenes. If you are in need of a sexy romantic movie to wake up the love-struck teen inside you, look no further. When three high school guys make a pact to loose their virginity before the year's end, they find a lot more than what they hoped for.